De fûke

De fûke


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Frisian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Denise P (au) wrote: the best thing about this movie is that it was about one of the greatest influential men of all time and gives us a look into the beginning of his evangelistic career. so i found it interesting for that reason. don't go see it if you are just looking to be entertained or for the acting.

Liam C (es) wrote: Y'know what... I liked this, I really did. It made me laugh and it got me involved. The cast was excellently chosen with Matt Dillon just stealing the show as the villainous Trip Murphy, he's not exactly a master criminal or anything its just that Dillon just takes the role and relishes in it, he was having a good time and I was having a good time watching him. Justin Long is a good enough actor, he's been great with the films I have seen him in and I wish him well in his future. It was a good fun movie with a great cast that even had the goddamned Batman in it. Fun for all the family- its odd that I saw a movie like this and the humor actually made me laugh and for an extended period of time too and it had a few things in it that I was not expecting. Fun fun fun!

Colin D (ca) wrote: What a heap of crap. I rented this because i'm riveted with my latest carl hiaasen novel and it was the closest florida land acquisition drama (i can't believe it's considered a COMEDY drama in the description) i could find. Terribly dull. Total snoozer. Quit watching 2/3 through. I'm giving this NO stars.

Gord T (ru) wrote: from the maker of texas chainsaw massacre and poultergeist came this entertaining, old school thriller. a child is born to a couple who were subjects of an experiment below the blast of a hydrogen bomb in 1955. it possesses some sort of power to incinerate things and quickly becomes an orphan. the movie focuses mostly on his paranoia that people know things about his life that he didn't know and people around town are dying by spontaneous human combustion all over town all the time. as sam (or david as he later finds) uncovers more in his life he finally makes it back to this guy lou would seems to be pulling some strings that he didn't see. this movie had good characters, a story that was easy to follow and good effects and acting. it had some great camera shots and tricks and hooper did a great job as writer/director on this one. an enjoyable watch for fans of his other movies and good for anyone who wants a different type of thriller. the one thing they could've worked on more was the make up effects for arms and hands... they were awful.

Alan P (de) wrote: The mother of all cheesy 80's movies. The first movie that comes to your mind when you hear, "It's so bad it's good". A movie that is so corny, you can't help but love.

Diana C (de) wrote: This film depicts a relation between time, space and the experience of embodiment in a era when people had to resort to physical labour in order to have their essential needs met. One can easily experience aliveness in the way the characters lead their lives in terms of work and relationships. In fact, what is not said and shown stirs and awakes the viewer. Extremely beautiful.

Jack G (ca) wrote: Robert Taylor acts circles around stiff-as-hell Mel Ferrer. Nice fights though, and Gardner of course looks beautiful.

Andy W (it) wrote: One of his many WWII films. This one works a love interest in around a little known fact that the US torpedos didnt work!!!

Simon R (br) wrote: The first film of the series I lost interest in slightly.

Tatsuhito K (jp) wrote: There are more than dozens of sex comedies out there. Some are decently done, some are horribly executed. She's Out of My League kind of stands in the middle. While likable actors like Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve play relatable characters, a lot of jokes are far-stretched and often plain vulgar. Way too many side characters, slow pacing, and its cartoonish feel make this movie somewhat disappointing.

Charles P (de) wrote: The Raid is a relentlessly repetitive haze of head-spinning violence - but what expertly-choreographed violence it is.

Another V (fr) wrote: In Waterworld, Kevin Costner's Mariner character is not the most likeable guy (especially after you see how he treats Enola and Helen on his boat), although he progresses. He starts out as an extremely ruthless loner, but eventually decides to be friends, not before he has taken away a little girls crayons, thrown Enola into the ocean (apparently not to kill but to punish), and chopped both of their hair short as punishment for disobedience. To top it all off, he sells Helen! Then he changes his mind and tells the buyer the deal is off, and changing his mind is a turning point. From then on, he's their friend. When Enola gets stolen by the Smokers, he goes to get her back. Enola comes to see the Mariner as a father figure apparently, because when he finally leaves, she gives him a hug goodbye.The "Smokers", led by Dennis Hopper as Deacon, are very stylized. In a world with very little resources available anymore to humans, how is it that the Smokers can waste so much oil on all their naughty shenanigans? Just wondering.It's kind of funny that just about everybody in Waterworld is depicted as a pirate. Given the opportunity to take something, they take it, and that's how they all seem to survive. The Mariner is not quite human. He's evolved into an icthyosapien, or fish human, with gills and webbed feet. This enables him to swim down to the sea floor and show us what is under the water: lost cities. Is this a warning? Waterworld is rather unrealistic, but I do like the creativity of it. I was inspired to do a little research to find out if Earth could be that covered with water if the polar ice caps and glaciers were to melt. The answer is a reassuring no, not even close. Sure, some places would go under, but not to the extent of Waterworld.

Justin D (au) wrote: Funny for its length