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Ged A (ag) wrote: how can that be called a horror moviewhatta load of garbage

Jovan S (br) wrote: My favorite movie, it's really good!

Ted W (ru) wrote: Awesome storyline. They would die to see Star Wars 1st episode. Love the van!! I want to be these guys. And funny.

Genevive B (au) wrote: ?ric ..Premier film d'horreur qubcois et j'ai aim

Kevin R (ca) wrote: I guess sissy is a little excited that you're here.Valentine Casey is a lawman in the west somewhere near Tucson, Arizona. His family is a band of ruthless outlaws that do as they please. His family unveil some skeletons in Casey's past that he prefer be kept in the closet. There appears to be only one way for Casey to handle his family, but could he really gun down his own blood?"We're like brothers.""Not by blood."Dwight Yoakam delivers South of Heaven, West of Hell in his directorial debut (and only film on his resume). The storyline for this picture is just okay but contains unique and unpredictable characters. The settings, make-up/costumes, action, and dialogue were all disappointing. The cast was solid in name only as the cast includes Billy Bob Thornton, Vince Vaughn, Peter Fonda, Bo Hopkins, Bridget Fonda, and Michael Jeter."You reckon Chinese food is hot? I reckon we'll be eating a lot of that in San Francisco." I DVR'd this picture when I was looking at Peter Fonda films and noticed this amazing cast (kind of a random group of actors). I had never heard of this film so I gave it a shot; unfortunately, this fell a bit flat. It tried to be unique and original but instead was clumsy and disappointing. Overall, I recommend skipping this picture."You damn bunch of inbred bitches."Grade: D

Tatsuhito K (it) wrote: The resolution is not as interesting as the rest of the film, but I must say everything leading up to that point is pretty damn entertaining despite some trite dialogue. It has such an attractive cast (Sarah Michelle Geller and Selma Blair made me want to jizz all over my pants), and the game these characters play is thrilling and god damn sexy. Cruel Intentions is pretty good fun.

Private U (br) wrote: pure shit, but i produced the trailer!

Sam L (gb) wrote: You were a good man... Once. Haha I can't get enough of this movie!

Nate W (es) wrote: one of dolph's best. i agree with the below review

Rob G (ru) wrote: Slower paced than the other classic Hollywood epics but with some fine moments.

Brian R (gb) wrote: The Rathbone & Bruce partnership was like a well-oiled machine by the time they made this film, and in it's quieter moments one can almost hear purring. The story takes elements of "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and spins a tremendous seemingly supernatural yarn which Holmes is in on from the start. It turns out that a psychopathic actor with a talent for mimicry has been slitting throats (with a five-pronged garden weeder), not them "ghosts and monsters" whom the people of La Morte Rouge fear so much. The scene where a luminous spectre flits across the marshes is genuinely creepy. Great photography and lighting throughout. Nigel Bruce as Watson provides excellent light relief, falling into a bog (twice) and failing spectacularly in his mission to be inconspicuous in the local pub - by the end of the evening he is totally off his face and the centre of attention. Also there is a nice cameo from Victoria Horne, whose finest hour was playing Elwood P Dowd's sister Myrtle Mae in one of my favouritest films "Harvey". One thing about this film does puzzle me though: how has a Glaswegian ended up as a police sergeant in Quebec?!

MF J (au) wrote: Well this is one of the few films i didn't like as a kid when I went to watch it in the theater. Having seen it again last night I actually enjoyed it but more as a good bad joke than anything else. The film starts like a nice adventure film, quite suspenseful and shot nicely, but slowly it becomes obvious that things went really crazy. The story is filled with inaccuracies, stock shots and other bad CGI to start with. Some scenes and dialogues barely make sense and overall it's a real carnage of a movie. But it's fun, stupid enough to make you laugh all the time and keep you amused from start to finish. I've seen far worse to be honest because this film never tries to hide it's weaknesses and rather embraces them. Yes it's a terrible film but it is true to itself. A nice B-Grade flick highly verging in Z. Ed Wood would have loved it!

James M (us) wrote: A good crime thriller with Walter Matthau playing against type. Recommended for all the fans of 70's thrillers like The French Connection, Dirty Harry, etc.

Nadia C (es) wrote: This is definitely one of the most faithful versions of Frankenstein. Unrecognizable De Niro and not so adapt for this role. Fitting Helena Bohnam Carter. The movies in costumes were always her thing. I think she's the soul of the movie.

Nick C (kr) wrote: A underrated, existential Carpenter thriller that evokes Stephen King in more ways than one. Neill is appropriately over the top.

Asif H (br) wrote: Mr. Chow steals the show.