De Goede Dood

De Goede Dood

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De Goede Dood torrent reviews

Lucas R (br) wrote: I loved it it was a good story mixed with great humor

Bryan W (jp) wrote: W: 1. Surprisingly good sci-fi film.

Surovi R (au) wrote: someone forget to tell Harman that he isn't.. Hrithik?? =\

Narges M (nl) wrote: Twists is all this story's about. Besides the attractive cast and fun moments, there are also some things for the viewer to take away. With the craze for 'reality' based entertainment, and cell phone in the hands of every person with filming capability, does "private" still exist when it comes to our relationships?

y y (ca) wrote: that movie is hilarious

Robert I (fr) wrote: A beautiful movie about people being more than meet the eye... Ignore that random Transformers reference. It's been a long night. This film is essentially "Pollyanna".

Des S (de) wrote: I regret wasting two hours of my life on this movie.

David A (ag) wrote: (from The Watermark 08/16/96) Jeff Goldblum is an American actor in London who is stuck playing second fiddle to Britain's comic darling, played by Rowan Atkinson. Unmotivated to break loose, he falls in love with a nurse (Emma Thompson), and builds up the courage to ask her out. When she says yes, his newfound confidence loses him his job, and he must find another acting gig. Written by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral and TV's Black Adder), the story is standard boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl-back fare, but there is a section that must be seen to be believed. Goldblum ends up landing the title role in a West End musical version of The Elephant Man. The film then proceeds to fling more than its share of mud into the face of Andrew Lloyd Webber with its rendition of Elephant! which includes songs like "He's Packing His Trunk" plus suit-clad elephants tap dancing below a disco ball. (Meow!) Reviews of this film dubbed newcomer Thompson "a Julie Andrews look-alike." Well, OK, maybe with the short hair, and if you squint a little. Her sassy spunk is the perfect counterpoint to Goldblum's laid-back non-acting style. Their over-the-top sex scene is outrageously fun; this film is a great date movie.

Darrek S (it) wrote: "Where are the boobs in this scene? THERE HAS TO BE BOOBS!" ~Whoever the hell directed this thing

Sarah F (fr) wrote: yeah ok, id like to see this!

Missy M (ca) wrote: want to see this one again

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jacob M (us) wrote: A complete bore! I found myself looking down at my watch waiting for the movie to be over. This is just not great writing or directing and leaves much to be desired. The title should have been, "Hank Williams can Sing and Likes Booze." Even with a great cast the movie just couldn't get me interested.