De grafbewaker

De grafbewaker


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:44 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
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A young and benign ruler meets for the first time the aged and practically forgotten titular figure while taking stock of his employees; their conversation reveals that the old man has been having ghostly visitations in the crypt by the ruler's ancestors every night for the last 30 years and, even more distressingly, that they have lately taken to calling for the young king to come join them. When the latter absents himself for a little while, the warden is joined by an arrogant and bullying member of the Royal family (the king's brother-in-law?) who, with the sinister court adviser (having been witness to the previous encounter), conspires against the throne. He mentions in passing the doppelganger nature of the regent but, just then, the latter returns to find the old man almost on the point of dying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cody f (ca) wrote: Artistically this film works on all levels, information wise is another story. The film is about how the Japanese culture is obsessed with insects, but the Doc. never dives into why. I went into this film expecting those questions to be answered, but instead it is full of beautiful imagery and transience music. I loved that part about this film, but I was expecting something else. It would have been nice to get some information, but as long as you know what you going into you should enjoy yourself.

Carlos Z (ru) wrote: Very interesting, somewhat getting on my ethical bad side.

Jason P (br) wrote: Watched with the fam. Okay, so it doesn't hold up so well 20 years later, but boy did I enjoy this film as a teenager. You can't deny it's got heart, though. And some great one-liners..."Hey, is that a rabbit over there?"

Johnny S (es) wrote: quintessential Bergman. Pared down, unflinching, unforgettable. Top performances from the regular cast, esp. Erland Josephson.

Cassandra M (ca) wrote: Twisted Nerve doesn't seem to have a great reputation, and while the film (like its lead character) certainly does have some problems, I enjoyed this one in spite of them. The main problem people seem to have with this film (so much so that the filmmakers actually had to tack on an apology before the film starts!) stems from the fact that it seems to be professing that siblings of mongoloid children were more likely to become psychopaths. This idea is somewhat silly and I can see why it would bother some people; but seriously, this is just a thriller and while the idea is unlikely and misguided, it didn't bother me too much. It also should be noted that 'nurture' plays a big part in the lead character's mental health problems. The film focuses on Martin Durnley. His mother treats him like a child, his stepfather dislikes him and his mongoloid brother is institutionalised. He meets a young girl named Susan Harper, who takes pity on him (or rather, his alternative personality 'Georgie') after a shoplifting incident. But this soon leads to obsession for the troubled young man...If you go into this film expecting something deep or brilliant, you will be disappointed. As mentioned, the point that the film tries to make is not well imposed and not much else about the film has any depth. Still, as a thriller it works well. The main influence for the film is clearly Hitchcock's masterpiece 'Psycho' and the two share a lot in common. The central character is interesting for the fact that he's so strange. Hywel Bennett really succeeds in creating a character that is both bizarre and completely sinister. The supporting cast isn't as great in terms of performances, but the two leading ladies are much nicer to look at. Hayley Mills delivers the typical young British female lead, while Billie Whitelaw is the real standout for me as the young girl's mother. Twisted Nerve also features a memorable tune, and possibly takes influence from Fritz Lang's M as the lead character often whistles it. The film flows well throughout and delivers the intrigue from the character actions and the situation rather than through suspense. I can see why this film is not often hailed as a classic; but if you're looking for an interesting watch and don't care about some silly ideas, Twisted Nerve comes recommended.

Eric V (ag) wrote: An interesting Ring-like concept. Watch various videos with a clown and then the clown attacks you. Different styles of horror films are displayed in the different video clips. But other than this artistic approach, nothing worth watching. Unless you fear clowns, but why would you watch this?

Darryl S (gb) wrote: Really great glimpse into life in Antartica with amazing footage.

Tim M (nl) wrote: The film is profane, sadistic, frenetic, appalling, tasteless, and one of the most balls-out entertaining action films I've ever seen. Hang the fuck on!

Robert B (it) wrote: Performance is a great film for those that want to feel verve and are willing to pay the cost of nonconformity. The dialogue has got liveness and the music has soul; the attitude is rock-and-roll ("I am alive and well. You push the buttons.") The pacing is good, and goes back-and-forth with tension and play throughout, right up to a memorable climax. This is an arty kind of film, but is also challenging and edgy, with a fair amount of violence, sex, and drugs (mostly violence) in its look at what man is spiritually. The performances of Mick Jagger and Jamie Fox are very complementary, it has a naturally artificial feeling as they give each other a hard time and secretly love it (the bit where they are in bed together is pretty damn funny). This is the interesting 60s, where the setting is old but the vibe is fresh and unrestrained and un-50s.