De guerre lasse

De guerre lasse

Alex, son of a leader of the Algerians in Marseilles, has a series of confrontations with the Corsican mafia after his stint in the French Foreign Legion.

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Brian M (ag) wrote: One of the better found footage scare fests. Predictable in parts. A couple of jumps and frights. Very well acted!

Micheline S (au) wrote: I was disappointed, but still enjoyed it.

MF J (ca) wrote: An adventure flick filled with action, romance and a great screen couple...what do you want more?

Matt R (au) wrote: very very funny. i reccomend it!

Bill B (es) wrote: A little something recorded off TCM - Fritz Lang makes a great looking film, and I dug the noir look at the world of newspapers trying to pit its employees against one another to sniff out a killer.Rental.

Dan L (jp) wrote: While the subject matter is interesting to a point, that point is well shy of 95 minutes. Consequently, Herzog's narration and the direction of the film is unnaturally sensationalized and overly romanticized.

Andrew L (jp) wrote: One of Marvels many but few successful transfers to the big screen (the others being 'Spider-Man 1' & 'X-Men 2', although none of them have matched up to the 1978 'Superman' or 'Batman Begins'). The effects are good enough & I'm glad they didn't set out to make a CGI extravaganza - as we've had quite a number of those in recent years. Instead it focuses (thankfully) on Downey Jr's performance which holds it all together & keeps you entertained more than anything else. Paltrow may be a pretty face but is overly dull & cardboard as the love interest, but Jeff Bridges gives a brilliantly chilly turn as the villain. Thoroughly enjoyable

Nani V (fr) wrote: I was a barely born during the era of NWA, but I grew up listening to Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac because of my brother. I was unfamiliar with Eazy-E, but my brother gave me a little background of the beef between them. It was a great film I thought and the actors portrayed them well. It took me back for sure.