De la servitude moderne

De la servitude moderne

A mesmerizing documentary about the origins and causes of the widespread unbalances of modern West societies. The unchallenged victory of the free market utopia turned into an all-engulfing...

The central objective of this film is to reveal man’s condition as a modern slave within the context of the totalitarian mercantile system and to show the forms of mystification which mask his servile condition. Its aim is to attack head on the dominant world organization. The film is composed of imagery appropriated primarily from commercial movies and documentaries. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (gb) wrote: This movie, while good, didn't really click for me. The visual style, and presentation, is certainly very charming, but the film's script is very uneven. It's clear that the film is a tribute to old 50s movies, like something Audrey Hepburn would appear in. It's basically a tribute to a time in film that's long gone, and the movie pulls it off very well I thought. The film, other than the fact that it's in color, looks like it could've come straight out of the 50s. The problem is that in concentrating so much of the film on how everything looks and how it sounds, the set design, the costume design, and trying to make sure it feels like it could've come from the 50s, they forgot that they actually had to make the movie, the story, and its characters interesting. The leads are quite good, Deborah Francois has that old Hollywood starlet feel. She's definitely no Audrey Hepburn, but she has that same type of likable charm and presence, and that's exactly what the film needed. She's certainly the highlight of the film. Romain Duris is fine too, but I found his character to be a little uninteresting, especially when compared to Deborah. He's certainly good, but I wasn't a big fan of how his character was handled. The movie lacks substance, it never really feels like these two are falling in love. It really is concentrated in style of substance and actual character development, and that's the film's biggest downfall. Your film can have the best set design, the costume design, the best score...but if your story isn't interesting then all that, while it's not unimportant, is wasted. You went through all that work trying to make the film look and film genuine, that you forgot the most important part of the film, the part that matters most in the long run, and that's the story and the characters. And I don't mean to say the film's bad, as implied by the score I gave it, the cast is solid and the film is, visually, very charming. It just should've been much better considering how much work went into everything else. Maybe it's just me, but I wasn't into this movie that much. It wasn't exactly an interesting story or an heartwarming love story, it's still a perfectly solid movie.

tina j (it) wrote: Great flick. Quality acting with a good plot. Loved the topic. be ready to think.

John R (fr) wrote: 150327: Think I set myself up for failure in watching this film. Watched the prequel The Legend is Born: Ip Man (2010) a few days ago and then read all about how great this film was. Reading high reviews always results in films failing to live up to my expectations, whatever they are. This film is ok. Good story with fun action. Makes me wonder how much historical truth, if any, lies within.

Michael P (gb) wrote: definitely makes you think about a lot of things and makes some very compelling arguments

Vivian M (de) wrote: Great Italian comedy. It makes you laugh, think, sympathise with the characters....The transition between the different stories is marvelously smooth. Definitely one of the best I have seen lately.

Jason E (ru) wrote: Good Aussie dance film...Sam Worthington is his usual fantastic self.

Leonard D (gb) wrote: Almost nothing works in this based off of a animated series feature! Yeah, Dolph Lundgren looked the part, but was too bland and uninteresting to care about as our hero and protagonist He-Man! Well, if it weren't for this joke, I would have never been introduced to the lovely Courtney Cox, even though she wasn't that interesting either!

Clair T (fr) wrote: haven't seen this film for years dont know where i can get it from have tried anyone know where i cn get it from.really want to see it again.

Thoughtsofashy T (ru) wrote: The world changes violently but the upper classes cannot grasp it.

Nikolas G (gb) wrote: the whole story is filmed in the studio !!!!another great film

Simon P (gb) wrote: Brilliantly atrocious space adventure! Features the worst evil tyrant since Ming The Merciless and the sensational Stella Star - whose outfits could put an end to many a Princess Leia fantasy! (Cambridge B-movie Festival screening 19/08/15)

Alasdair R (fr) wrote: The most kick ass vampire movie of the last 1000 years. Who cares that nothing in this story adds up. People in dressing downs can wander into dangerous chemical plants without any trouble. Why does Dracula have an obsession with using the word black when describing anything to do with Africans. Why would people pay antique dealers to take valuable items from a Romanian legends castle. Who cares because we get to see badass cops fight vampires and badass black vampires bite white people. Did I'm mention that this film was totally badass

Nichele W (au) wrote: i coulda sworn i rated this already...

Jennifer H (es) wrote: Viva Zapata is an American made film about Mexican independence. I, myself, have never heard of Zapata so one could conclude two things. This character, no matter how accurate the film portrays the time and setting, is fictional or Zapata was a real character that no one cares to learn about in Mexican history.The title character, Zapata, was played by Marlon Brando. And I'm sure I know what you are thinking. "Marlon Brando? A Mexican?" Why, yes. And I good one, too. Despite the fact that Marlon's Mexican accent has a bit of a New York twang the rest of his character was fairly believable being a character Brando does not normally play. There were two elements that did an enormous job of disguising Marlon's true ethnicity: film's lack of color and his mustache. Let's be honest, you put a South American mustache on anybody and they look Mexican. Marlon Brando is no exception. That kid worked his mustache; he worked it so well that by the 10 min. mark I was already sick of it. I just wanted to get a pair of scissors and cut that thing off. And as I mentioned before, the film was in black and white. Marlon Brando, being dark enough already, was shot in a black and white scheme so that his color practically matched that of his costars... and he had a lot of Mexican costars. Beyond just the character of Marlon Brando, the movie did little to impress me. I enjoyed watching it for the first time (I enjoy watching any movie made before 1970) but the plot was dragged out far too long to really captivate any audience. Watching just once is good enough for me. The story goes of Marlon Brando leading his men in a fight against the Mexican government. The entire movie consists of battle after battle, Zapata usually winning but somehow not content with the result. He doesn't like the new president, the land that was taken from him in the beginning was not given back or he, himself, is put as president and he longs to go back home. It seems that the madness will never end as it usually does in times of war.Finally he's killed. There I said it. And it wasn't in battle either. No, Zapata was killed because he went into the enemy camp and pet a horse. That's right, pet a horse. As he is rubbing the horse's nose, a legion of Mexican soldiers pop out from the walls and shoot Marlon Brando while he stands there. Great Ending.Zapata should have listened to his wife. She told him not to go. Men just don't listen to women anymore.

Anne F (nl) wrote: It is a long time since I have seen a complete Laurel and Hardy film and watching this has made me realise what I have missed. Stan and Oliver want to go to a convention in Chicago, but Mrs. Hardy vetoes the idea. They end up going by subterfuge - and of course get found out...Stan Laurel was extremely funny throughout- his face, his reactions, his timing - all wonderfully sublime.If your dvd has both black and white, and colourised versions, watch the b/w version. The colourised version looks very odd. The dvd I watched also had three shorts - We Faw Down (1928) 8/10, Their Purple Moment (1928) 7/10 and On The Wrong Trek (1936) 5/10. I've asked Flixter to add these films to its database (always worth doing).

Matt C (ag) wrote: One of the best ever. Some points taken off for altered original story, but exceptional movie.

Joe S (ru) wrote: This one of my favorite movies of all time !! just rewatch it because the director has a new movie out right now (spilt) unbreakable still a great movie interesting characters filmed in cool angles and most interesting story of an origin in non marvel way ! just wish that made this into franchise! but it's become a cult !!

Nena S (es) wrote: The acting in this movie is wonderful with the exception of Marlon Brando. Montgomery Clift was originally going to play the role of Maj. Weldon Penderton and I think it would have made all the difference. This movie would have been great had he played this role. Unfortunately, Clift had died and the role was recast. I love Marlon Brando, but not in this role. He's strange and you can barely understand what he's saying throughout the movie. I loved the sepia toned/gold tinted cinematography. I though it was clever and definitely added a creative touch to the movie. My only other complaint was the lack of character development. Why was Pvt. L.G. Williams so strange? Even a minor flashback would have been perfect. Taylor whipping Brando into shape is an amazing scene and definitely epic. Zorro David as Anacleto is definitely a stand out. I've read complaints about the movie being bizarre, but that is not really a problem for me. Foreign films are founded on strange concepts, but they are always beautifully played out on the screen. I think the same is true for this movie. Elizabeth Taylor is perfection. I love her movies. Julie Harris, Brian Keith, and Robert Forster are great in their roles. I typically judge a movie by my distraction level during the movie and I was not distracted. This one is definitely worth checking out. John Huston makes great movies.

Nadhiru M (jp) wrote: A very good movie! One of those feel-good movies, i enjoyed every bit of the film.