De Marathon

De Marathon

After finding out that they have a debt of EUR40.000 with the tax service, four very out-of-shape men working at a car shop start to train for a marathon, in which they can win the money to pay the debt.

A woman with a hat walking in the park with a border Collie in the background while the actors are practicing with each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


De Marathon torrent reviews

Kristen P (kr) wrote: Awesome musical score & a great performance from Anupam Kher.

Clinton P (au) wrote: What did you expect? Well you'll get exactly that. I enjoyed it well enough.

Mitch G (ru) wrote: Terrible writing, dialog, and with the exception of the two villains, terrible artistry. This has the feel of a direct to DVD release, that somehow ended up in theaters because it is in 3D. If you have never seen a 3D movie before, this would probably be fine, but having no substance beyond that in this day and age equals garbage.

Brandon M (jp) wrote: FANTASTIC MOVIE!!! SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Otis S (br) wrote: Really good film . Really funny .

fruit (jp) wrote: I would have driven schizophrenia if the film had been longer....

Scott R (es) wrote: It's attempt to showcase the South feels forced

Matthew C (mx) wrote: This is a pretty good 50s horror/sci-fi film. It's kind of a precursor to Alien, with a killer Martian on a murderous rampage aboard an Earthbound space ship. Solid acting, nice sets, and some pretty good cinematography help a fairly bland story. Check it out if you enjoy other films of the genre. At just over an hour, it doesn't have time to outstay its welcome.

jay n (ru) wrote: B level noir really has zip to do with the Monte Cristo legend, just a prop for an intriguing title. Adele Jurgens is wasted.

Jordan J (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this even though it wasn't as good as space jam, this movie definitely has its moments. People will like this movie in one way or another no matter what age. This is one movie I won't soon forget.

Karsh D (es) wrote: lacklustre comedy drama as a struggling music agent discovers a talented singer in Afghanistan and puts her forward for a TV singing competition.

Josh M (it) wrote: This is the ninja movie I've been dreaming about. The answer to any given situation is front flips.