De muerte natural

De muerte natural

Four women get mad at a bakery while they recall their lives at their neighborhood.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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De muerte natural torrent reviews

Tom K (de) wrote: This is pretty much the opposite of a feel-good movie.

Thomas B (ca) wrote: An 8/10, maybe not very scary but also very cool with a interesting concept

Ole J (it) wrote: I haven't seen any movie that I specifically knew was made by the Kuchar Brothers, well almost all of the "public" movies are primarily before my time.After watching this movie I definitely want to see some of their stuff, it looks very good, old b-movie kind of stuff.Its weird in many ways, but I can see the excitement of George and the students all the way through the movie.

B STR5 CMO (br) wrote: someone make a quiz of this movie so i can kill it

David S (nl) wrote: Argues subtly that reconciliation at any level is only possible on an individual basis. The slow but straightforward pace work extremely well until two late act tonal shifts that completely distract one from the mood that's been built to that point. Excise those sequences, and this would have been even better.

Craig S (nl) wrote: Infuriating. Highlights how painfully incompetent the Bush administration was in the aftermath of the Iraq war. Made me angry!

Charles F (kr) wrote: Is it silly? Yes. But it's not all bad. The story takes off slowly, has a promising middle, and quickly devolves into supernatural tommyrot. The build up is the best part in this reviewers opinion and it's all thanks to the ghost story that decorates the main plot. A small group of intimate friends take off on a vacation to Ireland for a camping trip that includes consuming copious amounts of psychedelic mushrooms and roasting by the fire. The protagonist, a cute named Tara (Lindsey Haun), is a Catholic school girl away from home for the first time, grateful to be away from the watchful eye of her father (and ripe for some latent rebellion as well). From Tara's point-of-view the whole idea is to rendezvous with Jake (Jack Huston) whom she met once before and clearly has a thing for, considering she's travelled all the way to Ireland just to see the guy. She is in good company, for the most part anyway. The cast features a jock on steroids oddly named Bluto (Robert H.) who has a libidinous and perverse sex-drive and sports ornamental brass knuckles with D-E-A-T-H inscribed on the front; the handsome and charming love interest Jake; a long haired hippie Troy (Max K.) who travels with a duffle bag with mushroom shaped patches on the outside and dates an impossibly gorgeous girlfriend Holly (Alice G.) and supposedly he's a martial arts fanatic but with zero skills or purpose for that matter (other than to play the part of the stoner-type without which the writers clearly thought there could be no film - right? in other words, he's a total clich (C). As are the other girls. Now, before the movie descends into a cesspool of violence and gore, and a plot that makes precious little sense, there is at the heart of this film a great ghost story narrated by Jake, just like the camp counselors of my youth - also, he's the sole Irishman of the group, which gives him credibility in the eyes of the foreigners. He tells the legend of an abandoned boarding school where the men in charge are exceedingly cruel and malicious rogue priests with a penchant for torturing young delinquents or worse. Soon everything falls apart and becomes completely nonsensical. The Catholic girl, who never before had taken so much as an aspirin, reacts to her newfound freedom in a way that is believable - at least at the level of psychological realism - and doesn't just take shrooms like the others but after hearing Jake the handsom young Irishman speak of the hallucinogenic (and potential lethal) properties of a particular native mushroom, decides to try one for herself when nobody is looking and immediately goes into convulsions and shock. When she finally comes to she realizes she has gained prophetic powers of the worst kind imaginable. This, ladies and gentleman, is the high point of the movie (or is it the low point?). From here on out nothing makes sense anymore. For starters, last time I checked, hallucinogens - esp. mushrooms - last 4-6 hours. In the movie, the effects never wear off which makes no sense. Tara's prophetic powers are simply ridiculous. Is it a scary movie? Sure, it has its moments. If your bored and want to watch a horror flick that isn't all bad, you will find this movie mildly entertaining. There's nothing terribly wrong with the acting, but the film is riddled with clich (C)s, and it gets worse as the plot progresses. Seriously, if you're looking for a quality horror flick, look elsewhere. For anybody else with too much time on their hands, dig in.

Cameron F (kr) wrote: One of THE worst films i have ever seen. The dialogue is incomprehensible, the "artistic" shots do nothing and look tacky and the acting could not be more atrocious. There isn't even a message, it's just shit at it's purest and shouldn't even exist.

Christy H (au) wrote: Wonderful movie about hydroplane boat racing. Another passion of mine.

Latanya C (ru) wrote: John: V.D.? Who the fuck wants V.D.?

Joseph B (es) wrote: Akira Kurosawa is one of the greatest film directors in the history of cinema, his films have endured such legacies that often times his films are so highly regarded that even those who wish to hate his films for their popularity and influence can't find themselves to do so. In his 1963 crime film "High and Low," guilt drives many of the characters into doing what is the right thing to do even if they wish not to.Kingo Gondo (Toshiro Mifune) has a splendid house that overlooks the city in which he lives, causing great envy among all who live below in the valley. He has dedicated his life to National Shoe Company and is on the board of directors. When three other members of the board of directors want to recruit him to vote an older man off the board to make cheaper shoes to reap more financial reward, Gondo rebuffs. Gondo visualizes a quality shoe that would not return much profit in the short term but eventually in time, show great rewards while saving the company. This angers the other members as they leave his house in anger.Gondo then reveals to his wife and closest associate that he has slowly been buying stock in the National Shoe Company and has just mortgaged everything for 30 million yen to buy more, he would then have 48% of the company's stock. But before he can carry out this plan he receives a phone call stating his son had been kidnapped and they are demanding that very same price. Gondo is quick to want to pay the ransom to get his son back before he realizes that the kidnapper kidnapped his chauffeur's son instead and now he has reserves about paying the ransom. Eventually after a lot of discussion and guilt he agrees and the kid is returned to his father. The first hour of the film all takes place inside one room in Gondo's large house before going to different locations around the city as the police, who feel bad for Gondo because he's now in debt, start to look for the kidnapper to bring him to justice.A masterfully told crime drama that moves quickly.

Yol G (gb) wrote: Just seemed kind of dull. But that's just my opinion. There's probably a good movie in here somewhere and I just can't see it.