De profundis

De profundis

A male sketch artist goes down with his ship to a dazzling underwater world, guided by a silent, beautiful mermaid. Also in the Sargasso Sea area, is a Casablanca on a tiny rock inhabited ...

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A male sketch artist goes down with his ship to a dazzling underwater world, guided by a silent, beautiful mermaid. Also in the Sargasso Sea area, is a Casablanca on a tiny rock inhabited ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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stuart h (mx) wrote: right let's get this out the way,these films are trash and how Anderson still gets gigs beggars onto final chapter,like the others it's brainless,but as a action movie it's need to take the resident series for what they are.....nonsense.everyone has guilty pleasures and this series has been mine.if you hated the others this isn't going to change that,but if you enjoyed past chapters then see it.all we need now is a proper r rated iteration of the game series.resi 2 or nemesis please Sony.

Niina D (au) wrote: Truly disturbing. Love it.

Laura D (ca) wrote: Talking about a wild ass Movie..This one takes the cake!

Yael K (ru) wrote: Nice film about an (im)possible lesbian relationship between an Israeli bus driver (who leaves her husband) and a Ghanian immigrant. Opens up issues of racism anf gender in Israel and in general. Sensitive and complex film, nicely done.

bill s (kr) wrote: 70's throwback first run at dusk before the main feature B drive-in movie.Tries to get a little too cute but does bring back fond memories.

Darrin C (gb) wrote: Much better than the sissy name they gave the movie (apparently, the character was really nicknamed this). It's a good drama that remains interesting throughout and contains above average acting from most of the entire cast. I felt what they wanted me to feel and will watch this again someday!

Mattias E (nl) wrote: Considering it's weak competition in the Hong Kong comedy field of it's time, Pang Ho-Cheung's debut You Shoot, I Shoot is a real blast. Not only does it stray from mandatory traits of the genre, such as the exaggerated mugging and the tiresome travesties, but it also offers a poignant and critical perspective on the regional film industry and the local state of affairs in general, showering the audience with in-jokes like it just don't care. Pang's style is rather messy here in this infant stage, with lots of Godardian jumpcutting and use of odd angles in every other scene, but this visual overenthusiasm never gets the better of the films dark satirical edge.

Kevin A (ag) wrote: Loved the idea. two white trash chicks in the mid eighties trying to make it in the bar scene, just didn't quite work for some reason..??

Gerard M (au) wrote: The first movie I've ever seen in the cinema!

Tony E (nl) wrote: Interesting 1999 Jane Campion film with Harvey Keitel as a cult deprogrammer hired to talk a young Aussie girl (Kate Winslet) out of her infatuation with an Indian guru. This film includes some very well-done exploration of the characters' highs and lows, with a fair bit of drama along the way, and typically brave performances by Winslet and Keitel.

David F (fr) wrote: Silly, preposterous, but cute.

Jeff G (fr) wrote: a very underrated horror film from Canadian director Paul Lynch.

Bubba M (ru) wrote: pretty good retelling about the raid on Entebbe.

Will F (jp) wrote: When it first came out, this movie stirred all kinds of interest in the ethnic community I grew up in. Though widely seen as a mere "Hollywood" version of its classic source material, it thrilled this 11-year-old (at the time) no end. The sight of the charging horsemen, their swords spinning and flashing in the sunlight, to the strains of Franz Waxman's exciting score (which 'borrowed' liberally from Khatchaturian's "Sabre Dance") sticks with me to this day. Taras Bulba was the role Yul Brynner was born to play, even more so than the King in the King And I. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Tony Curtis, as his son, Andrei. Curtis was simply too old and too urban with his 'Noo Yawk' accent to be very believable, but he tried hard, and he really did fall in love with his female co-star, who he soon married. Christine Kaufman, who was a teenager at the time, was not much of an actress, but she had a lovely, delicate beauty about her. The supporting cast of Guy Rolfe, Sam Wanamaker, and a slew of familiar character actors of the times, conveyed absolutely no sense of historical or ethnic verisimilitude, but plenty of Hollywood style villainy and/or camaraderie, as required. It may not be a forgotten classic, but TARAS BULBA is an adventure epic worth seeing at least once. They don't make them like this anymore.

Michelle H (ag) wrote: Love this Jimmy Stewart movie!