De Punt

De Punt

More than 30 years after the dramatic ending of a train hijack five people involved meet each other on a television show. Starting point is the death of the only female hijacker: Noor. One by one the five enter the studio. Each with their own expectations or hidden agenda.

More than 30 years after the dramatic ending of a train hijack five people involved meet each other on a television show. Starting point is the death of the only female hijacker: Noor. One ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (jp) wrote: One line summary: Boring script, indifferent idea, lackluster acting.----------------------- Alvin and Ellie have been married for nine years, and their intimacy has reached a plateau, a dry patch. The discuss this with friends, at first obliquely, then more openly. Their friends Janet and Jonathan have been married for about the same number of years, but also have a toddler plus a nursing child. Their situation is even more 'dried up.' Someone suggests costumes in the bedroom. The fireman's getup did not work at all. Ellie's manicure team suggest that she masturbate with a cucumber. She tries this after checking that she has sufficient time alone. She is deeply into the rhythm of it when Alvin returns with her grandparents, who have just flown in from the States. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of opening their bedroom door without knocking and asking for permission to enter. Mr. and Mrs. Winters (the grandparents) have a wide variety of comments afterward. Ellie gets advice from her friend at work; Alvin gets advice at work whether he asks for it or not. Ellie's advisers are a gay couple, who suggest swinging. Alvin's advisers are a man from Canada and a young fellow from India who suggest Alvin take a mistress. They broach the idea with Peter and Janet, and that does not go well. The meet a number of couples through queries on the Internet. This is unsuccessful at first. After many attempts, they meet a couple who seem normal enough and are of a similar age and stage in their lives, with similar 'drying up' problems. They set a date to have a first swap. They have some drinks with suggestive names, play pictionary, where the first word involves 'vulva.' Then they set off into separate bedrooms. There are not a lot of warmth the next morning, and the new couple take off fairly quickly. Alvin and Ellie find it hard to talk to each other afterwards, which is exactly what they need to do. Peter and Janet break up. Alvin and Ellie start back-biting, which leads directly to an indefinite separation. Goodness. Do the two couples get back together? Does anyone learn anything from all this discontent?------Scores------ Cinematography: 9/10 No particular problems. Sound: 9/10 OK. Acting: 2/10 Jonathan Silverman I could have done without completely. Melissa George was horrible. Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore were more or less competent, and delivered the script. Everyone else was between OK and lackluster. Screenplay: 2/10 Boring, not engaging, seldom funny, not inventive. The ending sucked rocks.

Sophie H (us) wrote: Boring with no storyline and has awful acting by kathryn worth definitely long winded

Elvia F (nl) wrote: A really good Hong Kong action film; based on Edmond Pang's novel. I just think Andy Lau and Takashi Sorimachi were sensational in this film! The story and effects were well-done.

Private U (ru) wrote: Amrish Puri and Anil Kapoor are amazing in this!

Giorgos T (gb) wrote: Nice performances and overall funny.

ka (ag) wrote: extremes but with love.

Evan W (nl) wrote: I didn't see the original to have a bias or anything, I just thought this one was kind of dumb.

Laurel S (mx) wrote: I loved this movie as a kid cuz Gene Kelly danced with Jerry the mouse.