De rode zwaan

De rode zwaan

After years living in France, The grandfather of Jakob returns back too his old house. He buys the house and asks his grand-son too help renovate it. When his grandfather falls and get hurt...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
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Stewart W (jp) wrote: Really bad movie. Actors were way too old to be credible teens for the sake of getting away with soft porn in a mainstream movie. Alan Cumming seemed embarrassed in his cameo. Bad screenplay, bad acting, bad story.

Peter F (ru) wrote: Lee's latest does have it's moments of brilliance, but it's gratuitous length and flawed script make it a film that's parts are better than it's whole.

armand e (us) wrote: its got gene hackman and jennifer beals... it cant be too bad... I hope...

Caleb D (jp) wrote: Eh...pretty good. Very lightweight comedy, saved by a great cast of weirdos and the subtle timing of Louis Malle. Other high points for me included the approximately six minute appearance of the EXTREMELY beautiful Tasia Valenza, who you may remember from "Rappin'". Although you probably don't. Which is good.

Mark S (mx) wrote: O'Toole is perfect as the past his prime matinee idol. Mark Linn-Baker is wonderful as his man Friday. Highly recommended.

Richard S (jp) wrote: A TV type movie to watch.

Shran (us) wrote: I just happened upon this movie a few years back and it's a tragic love tell with suptitles. Of course if I was Fox the pain would not be great enought to off myself.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Religion and romance mix in this drama set during the Spanish Civil War. The underrated Nunnally Johnson co-wrote and directed the film. Johnson's efforts as a director are often more soapy than I prefer, and this film suffers from that here too. It's certainly no "For Whom the Bell Tolls" but it's pretty entertaining and I'm surprised this film never seen a video release. It was kind of cool to catch this out-of-print film on TCM.

Steve S (jp) wrote: *** (out of four) Spencer Tracy won his second straight Academy Award for his performance as Father Flanagan. He is wonderful and warm in the part and the movie is inspiring. I just wish Mickey Rooney was more appealing to me. Whitey (Rooney) is a troubled young man who is taken in at Father Flanagan's Boys Town, a place were troubled boys can live and form a community that will help them. Whitey proves to be a hard subject. Tracy is great...Rooney is too much.

Vaughan M (fr) wrote: Absolutely hilarious

James R (au) wrote: This appears to be a Western about the lawman Wyatt Earp.