De Taali

De Taali

Paglu, Amu & Abhi live the lives of each other. They drink, eat & sleep together. Amu is a girl amongst the two guys, though Paglu & Abhi don't treat her like one. Paglu is the one who makes her realize about her feelings and helps her get her love. And Abhi is the rich, kind and classy guy who falls in love every time he meets a weird girl. Life however takes a serious fun turn when one of them falls in love with the other.

Paglu, Amu & Abhi live the lives of each other. They drink, eat & sleep together. Amu is a girl amongst the two guys, though Paglu & Abhi don't treat her like one. Paglu is the one who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tommaso C (jp) wrote: Iniziare ad avere vaghe intuizioni su cosa sta succedendo ad un quarto d'ora dalla fine pu significare solo due cose: o sono mongolo io, o il film riesce bene nel suo intento.Mi d il beneficio del dubbio e voto per un mix di entrambe.Ok, ottimo l'effetto appannato che calato sulle vicende grazie al punto di vista della confusa protagonista. Certo che, d'altra parte, non ho fatto altro che chiedermi "bene, e allora?" aspettandomi qualcosa. Poi, quando l'intuizione geniale / chiave di lettura arrivata, ho anche capito cosa chiedere al film, ma prima stato.... strano, ecco.

nicole m (gb) wrote: everyone should watch london to brighton! very gripping and hard to watch at times. it is very well acted and shows how brilliant british film making can be.

Robert D (nl) wrote: sarah silverman is a good comedian. i for one get annoyed with he alot. but she was pretty funny here.

Nyk P (au) wrote: Foolishly i thought a straight to video sequel, to a sequel would be a good idea. It's not awful, but there is nothing worth watching that gives it any right to try and be part of Romeros universe.

Daniel D (gb) wrote: Um rapaz agride o colega de escola com um pedao de madeira, e os seus pais vo at a casa dos pais do rapaz para pedir desculpas, onde uma discusso sem fim comea sobre relao entre casais e como criar seus filhos, bem como a forma de pun-los... O filme se passa em um apartamento o que o torna muito parado e perde muito com isso.

Bryan W (jp) wrote: For the first half hour or so, this film is an interesting if banally written melodrama about how a loner, played by John Patrick Amedori, forces his way into the group of friends surrounding the girl with whom he is infatuated, played by the always delightful Lizzy Caplan.When the event that alters the course of the story occurs, things quickly become more interesting. The manner in which the characters deal with their grief is, for the most part, subtly handled, even if you get vague hints about what has transpired and what will transpire. Another character, portrayed acceptably by D.J. Cotorna, the person you should by all rights despise for his boorishness, sets about some very basic detective work born of both self-preservation and loyalty. This section continues to build up well while the protagonist continues to somewhat obsessively pursue his ultimate goal, and his nerdy gawkishness puts your distinctly on his side while instilling fear about what his intentions and his executions. When this element boils to the surface, there is a wonderful scene that transformers from tender to painful gracefully, and after that, your perspective on the characters in inexorably changed and you're left wondering where they have to go from there.Unfortunately, after this, the loner's descent is handled with unwieldy predictability. If you're aware of the emotions solicited by drug movies, you'll quickly see that there's only one place to go, and along the way, you're treated to an undoing that is as forced as it is rushed, destroying the tone created by the first two acts as you're left feeling betrayed by a character you never feel you understood in the first place. Whether this is the intended effect or not, you cannot come away with any other opinion other than the fact that it's poorly handled.Overall, it's an interesting take on two different forms of addiction that fails to fulfill its potential while remaining worth the time it takes to watch it.

Carl M (jp) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time, I love Jackie Chan movies and as a child this was my introduction to him, one of those great lazy Saturday afternoon movies that played on TV in the 90s

Sara R (mx) wrote: One of my all time favorites as a kid!

Steve D (gb) wrote: I think the idea here was to send up other eighties slasher films, but the mega mixed up plot and timelines actually help make it entertaining.

Richard M (mx) wrote: My favorite kind of film.One that's unrelentlessly miserable.

Christopher S (de) wrote: This movie sounds an awful lot like "Get the Gringo" The Mel Gibson Film that just came out. White guy Two million dollars, Bloody past, under attack by cops and prison inmates etc. End of movie retires on the beach with Latin chick and her son.. something fishy here.

Matthew D (es) wrote: It was a great general conceit to make the second sequel the inverse of the original movie, where the protagonists are trapped on the planet of human apes. While it is used to show up some of the hypocrisy of our civilisation; there's a smattering of social satire and a typically powerful ending, a lot of potential is squandered on the lightest of the Apes series. The characters of Cornelius and Zira are entertaining and endearing enough to keep the audience invested in here, but a little more undevelopment would have elevated it among the best of the franchise. Ultimately this entry in the series is more interesting for what it sets up for sequels than standing on its own merits; a situation reversed from its predecessors.

Simon S (ag) wrote: While the world falls apart, a drunken ladies man newsreporter with less charm than a wooden stick tries to seduce a lady in the know for his story. Lots of talking, not much action but it kept me going until the end.

Amy R (de) wrote: Please bring this back to the big screens on June 7th, every year, in honor of Prince's birthday! At least in Minneapolis!