De Utsatta

De Utsatta

Tom is an architect, not totally satisfied with the fact he's becoming a father. He gets the assignment, with two fellow members, to collect the status of an abandoned old hospital, S:t Emilia's. Meanwhile, an arguing couple picks up a hitchhiker, and for unforeseen reasons , these six people gets stuck at the hospital. Strange things start to happen, and a diary is found. The little girl, Julia , can begin to tell her story.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Tom is an architect, not totally satisfied with the fact he's becoming a father. He gets the assignment, with two fellow members, to collect the status of an abandoned old hospital, S:t ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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T Patrick S (kr) wrote: I thought it was mostly okay, until the end, which I didn't hate.

Jarrett M (it) wrote: Well, this film certainly does have all the hallmarks of being an absolute disaster. But somehow it never manages to acheive the level of uber-stupidity that one expects going into a sy-fy channel production. The story isn't exceptionally interesting and shares more than one plot point with this year's 'Cowboys and Aliens', but it serves the movie well enough. There is a couple of moments of dopey dialogue, but for the most parts the characters are well written. There is one character in particular that annoyed the hell out of me, but for the most part everyone was well written and reasonably well portrayed. I was pleased to see James Marsters on the screen again, and turning in a solid performance as well. The visual effects are cheesy by mainstream movie standards, but are above average for the low budget film market. Definately not a film for everyone, but frequent viewers of low budget films may actually find this to be an enjoyable outing.

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miranda (br) wrote: when i saw this movie i did not think i would like it but it was pretty the main role dude is soo hot.i love how they made it so interesting how they kill the men an an breed the wemen with this monster.they need to make another movie cuz the huge man did not die after dude shot him......

Dana W (ru) wrote: Eric Bana is great-- there are a couple of spots where his Australian accent comes through (he's supposed to be Romanian) but says so much with his face. Franka Potente, who I've been a fan of ever since "Run Lola Run" does a good job as well, although I wish they had shown more symptoms of her mental illness. The star of the movie is really the kid who plays Raimond. He's going to be a star.

Mikey P (nl) wrote: not bad, i really like rhys ifans, he's a good actor

Leo L (fr) wrote: An interesting sequel!

August C (ca) wrote: Apparently this film is subject to a fair amount of controversy. a bastardized version was released and thus we have the version I have witnessed. cheesey voice overs, even worse with its goofy musical numbers. However the art is fantastic, It shows that something greater was clearly intended. thus being said I can't recommend this film, however I have learned there is a recut version as it was intended to be. stay tuned, Ill be giving it a second shot.

Tenacity P (fr) wrote: A romantic comedy that guys will not mind watching - a good mix of cop / mobster action, fights and just enough romance to make it not too sticky sweat. Good formula - more writers should follow this style.

Chris S (kr) wrote: Great movie, awesome gore, what more could you want?

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Carlos I (jp) wrote: Decent killer car movie. Not Carpenter or King's best stuff, but it's still fairly entertaining. It's funny seeing Keith Gordon transforming into this bad ass. It's less intimidating and more frustrating.

James H (ag) wrote: Very well produced and it?s a good melodrama. The cast is terrific, especially Clifton Webb. Catchy title song and the score is excellent. Good costumes.

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