De VI olympiske vinterleker Oslo 1952

De VI olympiske vinterleker Oslo 1952


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:winter,   gold,   olympics,  

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De VI olympiske vinterleker Oslo 1952 torrent reviews

Jon R (us) wrote: In Hardflip's embarrassing grasp for relevance it makes the critical mistake of back benching the only two relevant "actors". Four lines from Brian Sumner or Christian Hosoi about faith holds far more clout with any skateboarder than 1h 48min of poorly scripted, overly preachy and contrived drama.

Bruce B (gb) wrote: I've seen and heard stories on musical therapy and was always fascinated with it. Being a brain tumor survivor myself, when I heard about this film, I just had to see it. Although, the music featured in the film isn't quite my taste, the (true) story of this was both sweet and sad. It's just amazing how music can bring back memories, even if only for a little while. If you like indie films, or if you like hippie music (Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, etc..) check this one out.

Leo N (de) wrote: Did someone say Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes?

Dee P (us) wrote: standing ovation for Madam Gloria Romero!! I LOOOOVE this movie.. weird love triangle 'to... pero it works, no? nonetheless.. Fuchsia, is one of my fave colours.

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J H (es) wrote: Not a bad first film at all. I got a little hung up on the poor attention to detail of the case and there's a couple of moments which stretch credibility to breaking point. Still, dude went on to "The Illusionist" so it's actually a positive indie story for a change.

Joanna M (us) wrote: This movie tries way to hard to wow its audience with special effects and doesn't do justice to the original. Sacrificing plot, passion and a solid storyline in order to focus on martial arts and visual appeal, this movie failed miserably. I actually began to doze off half way through and had to make myself stay awake and finish it. If you're like me and can't stand not finished a movie, don't even start this one, or you'll be wasting your time.

D M (us) wrote: OK, I watched it and I kinda liked it.

Miranda H (us) wrote: Hilarious!! Two escaped convicts pretend to be gay pageant helpers!!

Kwong C (gb) wrote: Probably not as great as the other installments, but it's interesting to see how the subjects were doing when they were 35.

Tim W (nl) wrote: Just look at the cast. David Bowie and Ryuichi Sakamoto both made their rare on-screen appearance. Needless to say the soundtrack is outstanding.

Mitch A (es) wrote: Saw this movie at the theater in 78

Steve M (it) wrote: Beautiful from start to finish with Great performances, and actually faster paced than The Leopard, and has a great ending.

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