De vlaschaard

De vlaschaard


In a part of Flanders where flax is the main crop, farmer Vermeulen rules his estate like an 'old school' patriarch, stern and authoritarian, nobody else's word is ever taken seriously, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar T (ca) wrote: Ms de lo mismo pero con drogas de por medio.

Joseph B (it) wrote: was a good flick, but lacked some aspects that made it feel empty sometimes.

Martin O (ca) wrote: Very good! Makes me angry about the shit going down in Sudan.

David R (ru) wrote: Ahora estoy en plan saga de monstruos... Pues una ms, pero con cocodrilos. Estupenda para pasar una tarde resacosa o estndar de domingo.

Dilip S (it) wrote: Sam Rockwell is amazing

Amina K (es) wrote: The movie was very interesting because of the way they used recipes as part of most of the scenes. It was very similar to the novel we read in class. the descriptiveness in the novel was showed in all the scenes and the actors were pretty good as well. The food scenes in the movie make it more interesting for the audience to watch. The good use of metaphors and the solid romantic story makes it a must watch. :)

Phil H (gb) wrote: Bit of a classic Cruise machine this, backed up by a sterling cast including Craig T. Nelson, Lea Thompson and Chris Penn. Its a solid gruff story about a blue collar town that is kept alive by the local steel mill and how all the local kids wanna escape the town and reach for the stars, grimy and emotional? check!I've always found the US school system quite amusing actually and this film really bugs me to tell the truth haha. I'm not sure if its really like this or if it was but football seems to be SO important in US schools, it runs peoples lives and they take it so so seriously that it can make or break their future. This is the plot within this film, football is Cruises live and because he insults the team coach he gets chucked off the team and practically loses his life plans in the process.What is also so odd about it (if its like this I don't know) is the fact the school coach seems to decide wether you can go to a better school or not no matter what grades you have, even though you are going for a football scholarship surely your grades count? bizarre!. So whilst watching I can only feel total confusion and frustration at the US school system hehe I just wanna say to Cruises character, forget football and just do what you wanna do, you have the grades.Besides this its a good film and well acted, Cruise goes over the top as per usual but he clearly shows talent when compared to other guys of his own age. Thompson is beautiful and such a dream as always whilst Nelson is quite unnerving as the hardass coach, he fits those kind of roles so well.

Noname (jp) wrote: This one is almost better then good bad ugly because it has a bit more action , less talk and shorter. But both are amazing western movies and hard to beat them.

Alden W (ag) wrote: De entrada vi un nmero musical con Fred Astaire y pens que tena un arduo camino por delante: ese chaboncito zapateando y revoleando el bastn no me mueve un pelo. Que se yo, supongo que no soy ese tipo de persona, o no vivo en ese tipo de poca. Pero, hey, la comedia me pareci deliciosa, y Judy Garland tiene momentos adorables. En los ltimos 15 la historia se encamina hacia el final obvio y obligado. Y bu.

Timothy P (kr) wrote: Some very memorable moments, but overall extremely disjointed.