De vliegende Hollander

De vliegende Hollander

Late 16th century, persecuted protestantism and general dissatisfaction with the Catholic Habsburg rule in the Netherlands lead to large-scale plundering and vandalizing of churches, only ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Dutch,Italian,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   torture,   drowning,  

Late 16th century, persecuted protestantism and general dissatisfaction with the Catholic Habsburg rule in the Netherlands lead to large-scale plundering and vandalizing of churches, only ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos S (us) wrote: These guys want a revolution to begin. Crazy!!

Brett B (jp) wrote: Director Bryan Bertino's long-awaited follow-up to THE STRANGERS arrived with little fanfare, and now I know why... it's not great. To be fair, the premise initially seems like it's putting a fresh spin on the (in wrong hands) tired found footage horror subgenre, and the plot is suitably mysterious, but by the end it mostly devolves into very standard scenarios and tropes. The basic hook is unsettling, even as it requires the characters to behave irrationally, and it deals with the same idea of being terrorized in your own home like THE STRANGERS did, but on a visceral level, nothing new is brought to the table. The movie is sluggishly paced (it's a mere 80 minutes but feels longer), and there aren't any striking or shocking moments, save for the opening scene, which is one hell of a way to kick off a story, and promises a far more intense movie than we end up getting. The whole thing ends up building to a murky and preposterous climax that I found to be irritating more than chilling. Also, the idea of selling this movie with a scary clown is massively dishonest, because that character is actually one of the protagonists (which isn't a spoiler, as we discover that very early on), not the source of the evil threat. All in all, MOCKINGBIRD isn't enough to make me totally give up on Bertino, but he needs to show us something better in his next outing.

Ben A V (au) wrote: OMG, U guyz. Ending with a very effective "Oh, *fuck*!" moment (all the more so for being off-kilter), this is an "American Psycho in Paris" story like few you'll have ever seen. It may seem at first to be a film without heroes, but there is one. Without wishing to give too much away, it's the girl who says what she doesn't like, and says no and means it.PS: Also a very cool soundtrack that had me looking up the bands.

Daniel Z (kr) wrote: poor movie. 1. the story is about harry (whistleblower), not Madoff, which isn't nearly as interesting. 2. 50% of the movie is filler - pictures of guns, caskets, and other imagery that have nothing to do with the story. 3. the Frontline special on Madoff is much better and more informative; this story is about the whistleblowers, and fears are blown way out of proportion. we walked out of the theater.

Reg A (ru) wrote: I should thank the Zone Horror channel for throwing up this little curio tonight... A throwback to the days of the Russ Meyer sexploitation flick, Pervert! is about do-gooder James, whose misguided visit to a witch-doctor has left him with a cursed penis. While "Pervert!" doesn't exactly have the wit or invention of the "Grindhouse" movies by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, it is a somewhat funny flick which will probably achieve cult status for having the most unique serial killer in moviedom. "Pervert!" also has a gratuitous amount of naked female bodies, including Mary Carey (who ran for governor of California) - at one point I thought Kitten Natividad was going to appear in the narration!

Bolly B (fr) wrote: I think this is even better then the first one

Shane J (mx) wrote: fun 80's horro with a party going on in a haunted houser,bit of a cult fav. the effects are pretty good for quite clearly a lower budget and not one person is a teenager which they should be as per usual in 80's teen storys. watch this over the dreadful remake any day of the week.

Benjamin O (us) wrote: Peasantry physicians.

David L (it) wrote: I'm watching this again right now. The Randolph Scott-Budd Boetticher collaboration is almost as important in Western film history as those of John Wayne and John Ford or Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone. Scott, in his usual brilliance as the quiet hero, takes on a town run by a rapacious family. He saves the day. What more can you ask of a Western icon?

John W (ag) wrote: 'Kings Row' (1942) is a eulogy for the well-mannered lifestyle of the Victorian era. The film gradually reveals that all is not idyllic in this sleepy American town. Beneath the film's surface of quaint nostalgia and small-town melodrama appear signs of widespread malaise, revealing the community of Kings Row as a melting pot of gossip, jealousy, mental illness, possessive parents, class-rivalry, murder and suicide. The film's tragic plot twist provides Ronald Reagan with the greatest acting opportunity of his career and his most memorable line: "Where's the rest of me?"

Sean C (br) wrote: Its not difficult to see how this has influenced comedy greats thats followed. Anarchic fun with the odd musical number that kicks up a storm, especially the main dance number. Some of the jokes have dated but there's enough here to keep you giggling.

Dave H (es) wrote: I loved it. Its old school,far from perfect,but made with a lot of heart. Fans of Carpenters classic will lap this up!

Yaminah A (ru) wrote: Very great movie, but sad ending... Loved the dynamics of the story....