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De ydmygede


A very intimate look on Lars von Trier and his cast and crew, during the production of "The Idiots". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Meg S (ag) wrote: Reserve realism. Captures the feel of the book. The ending was perfect matched the book.

Shane D (ca) wrote: I love the Muppets and always will, but I struggled through this.

Anna Q (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this as a kid. And it made me want to read Cyrano De Bergarac.

Josh H (gb) wrote: I'm a huge Talking Heads fan, and I was fully prepared for an odd-ball movie, and I got just that. I can't say, even as a huge fan, that I was thoroughly entertained by it. It was fine, but maybe my expectations were a little high.

Ben S (gb) wrote: John Wayne, a sheriff, has to hold a killer in jail helped only by a drunkard (Dean Martin) and a lame old-timer (Walter Brennan), while the thug's wealthy brother and hired guns try to spring him. Angie Dickinson is Feathers, the sherrif's absolutely likeable love interest. Everything is perfect in this western and that is an achievement as this western has everything. It runs almost two and half hours but you you lose track of time until its all over.

Dan M (es) wrote: Honestly thought that this was going to be some silly comedy, but it goes much deeper than that. If anything this is more of a serious type of drama. Who knew the life of a male stripper would be so dark? Hm.. I could have done without all the :ahem: 'dance scenes', but I knew what I was going into in regards to that. Actually not that bad of a movie, color me surprised.

Fernando D (ca) wrote: It's boring, it's not bloody as we expect from a movie like this, it's terribly cliche, and even on its best moments you'll have that deja-vu feeling! Pathfinder looks good, but thats all the movie has to offer, visuals and nothing more!

Stephanie G (ca) wrote: Despite the lack of plot and how it seems so normal to adopt a mouse as a son, I think this movie goes beyond that. It's touching and it's simply about love, family, belonging and tolerance.

Benjamin F (es) wrote: The movie is lightly funny and harkens back to old cinematic practices. This will be undeniably special to some, but unbearable to others looking for action and big budget spectacle.

Rodney E (gb) wrote: Went nowhere...did nothing. It's amazing how horror movies have the biggest ratio of thinking something will be scary or effective and having it turn out to be crap. That's part of the fun and charm of the genre but as a kid I would have liked nothing more than to be scared to death and movies that looked like they could freak me out but ultimately didn't.