Dead and Alive: The Race for Gus Farace

Dead and Alive: The Race for Gus Farace

Both sides of the law hunt Costabile "Gus" Farace for slaying a federal drug agent in 1989 New York.

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Seth M (it) wrote: So carefully written and conceived, it haunts you. Much more mysterious and layered then Funny Games. The way that Warmerdam keeps the audience on edge is brilliant. Bijvoet has a certain obscure demeanor while actively carrying out his plot that it makes each new situation becomes more and more nerve-racking.

JeanMichel D (ag) wrote: Encore un film plutot deroutant de Bruno Dumont et d'une grande profondeur sur le fondamentalisme religieux.

Lucas G (jp) wrote: 1408 is so tense it leaves us on edge. And that's the most exciting thing about it.

Zhenhui L (gb) wrote: A movie of two halves. First half is intiguing and thrilling, while second half is a mess.

Ifiok O (gb) wrote: Well, if you love Cowboy Bebop, this is required viewing. It has everything you've known and loved about the original series, and then some. And that's all you really need to know. See it at your best convenience. BANG!

alex f (it) wrote: pissed me off for the first hour and then sewed itself up very nicely in the last hour... time framing was a bit dodgy but the backdrop was Texas greasy which I loved.

Ben R (kr) wrote: This was a pretty decent early 70s action adventure drama starring Burt Reynolds. Set somewhere in the south, its about Gator Mcklusky played by Mr.Reynolds as a Moonshine runner, who makes a deal with the cops while in prison to get released so he can round up the leaders of a moonshine ring...including a piece of garbage racist sheriff, played by Ned Beatty. He pretty much goes undercover and earns the trust of the local moonshine runners. Beatty does a good enough job playing the heavy here, but I felt like he wasn't a threatening enough bad guy to match up with Reynolds. I kinda expected more action from this also,but it was a good enough movie.. even though its mostly talking and character development for Reynolds. The beautiful southern backdrop really adds to the dirty,gritty,world of moonshine running, and this made me want to visit the south just that much more. The car chase scene in this was really amazing as well and I kinda was in disbelief with how they pulled off one stunt in particular. The negative aspects of this movie would have to be how some of the characters never feel fleshed out enough, and you never really feel like Reynolds is in any real danger except for one or two scenes. So in other words its lacking some suspense, but if you can look past this and enjoy the movie for what it is, it may surprise you. I'm going to watch the sequel to this called Gator and I'll see if maybe that one has the missing elements lacking here.

Dan M (us) wrote: At this point, they were just getting kind of silly and trying to cash in on the name. Kind of like the Matrix movies.

Byron B (kr) wrote: want to see this because it was nominated for best picture at the oscars

Ted W (ag) wrote: Incredible ghost story and I can't believe it's taken me this long to see it. This came out the same year as the Shining, however one movie seems to have influenced the other. Scott is awesome as a man driven to find out the secret of the haunting and the great Melvyn Douglas delivers another of those great performances that filled his later years.

Marco D (nl) wrote: The movie seems to be interesting from the very beginning. The narration keeps you entertained all the time with the ambiguous relations between the characters and the awaiting for some plot twist that seems always about to come. The sad surprise is that there is no twist. All the tension, the expectations of something that is going to happen that will leave everyone with open mouth it is just not happening. A pity for a movie that has the potential to be a very good one.

Jon C (ag) wrote: the movie that inspired the beloved TV showthe accounts of a couple of Vietnam War troops and doctors with a little dose of laughs and levity to make the whole affair bearableyoung talented acting from early risers like Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland and Robert Duvallthe 1st half hour isn't all that great but after it passes the rest of the movie is filled with great humor and plenty of smilesthis is total 1970's-ism of filmmakingthe men and women in this story are dealing with war in their own bizarre and clashing circumstances