Dead and Gone

Dead and Gone

A struggling actor moves his comatose wife to their isolated cabin, where he begins to have disturbing interactions with the unconscious woman.

A struggling actor moves his comatose wife to their isolated cabin, where he begins to have disturbing interactions with the unconscious woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liana S (kr) wrote: Oh boy... it's the same plot as twister only... bad.

Zainab P (ru) wrote: haha funny mom thought there was laochness moster in our house

Jayr A (ca) wrote: A lot of people would say that this movie is their favorite. For me, this movie is neither perfect nor okay, it was brilliant. It's no wonder why this movie received cult following.The humor of the movie is funny and charming in its own way without being forced nor trying too hard to be funny. It attributes to Zach Braff's sense of humor in the script.The direction is so top-notch for a debut directorial film and the cinematography is so beautiful in this movie. It took my breathe away.The cast performances from Zach Braff and Natelie Portman were charming and the characters they played are so relatable that you want to be friends with them.I thought the movie had no plot until the end of the movie. The themes in the movie and the message the movie wanted to deliver were very thought-provoking for a comedy-drama movie. I guess this might be the reason why this movie is so loved by many people.I think the best part of this movie was the soundtrack. The songs played during the movie were excellent and I loved how "Don't Panic" by Coldplay and "The Only Living Boy in New York" by Simon & Garfunkel is played. Zach Braff has good music taste.While I wouldn't consider this as one of my top favorite movies I have seen, Garden State is an excellent movie from Zach Braff that I want to see it again.

Vadim D (au) wrote: This was sold on sex and the main stars. Too bad there is nothing else left in the film. I bet Jolie would like to take this is off her resume

Brett W (fr) wrote: I usually prefer when a documentary lets the people involved speak for themselves. This also has some neat footage of Kerouac drunk on a interview show. Still compelling.

Joshua L (us) wrote: Although Memories is not ultimately satisfying, it is enjoyable. 'Stink Bomb' is occasionally funny. 'Magnetic Rose' is an exciting adventure, and 'Cannon Fodder' is visually stunning.

Ryan D (fr) wrote: Holy badass made me want to be an outcast

Dominick T (kr) wrote: One great musical, I enjoyed it.

Ted S (jp) wrote: This movie is good except for Kevin Costner who deadpan delivers all his lines. The real winner actor is Alan Rickman who stays interesting in every scene.

Peter F (ru) wrote: Rick Alverson's follow up to his harrowing cultural breakdown, The Comedy, is another dismal piece of anti-humor. Starring comedian Greg Turkington, the film borrows his long running stand-up alter-ego Neil Hamburger and places him on a bizarre road trip through the American southwest. Like The Comedy, Entertainment quickly establishes that it has little interest in iterating a storyline, and instead focuses on establishing mood and theme through environment shots, performances, and strange scenarios that often lack resolutions. Despite its archaic exterior however, Entertainment undeniably carries a sense of tension to it, thanks to a Lynchian soundtrack, and a nuanced performance from Turkington that grows with unease, and strikes as especially well-earned come the film's climax. Entertainment is probably Alverson's best film yet, and also suggests that he is the most European of the current crop of American indie filmmakers.