Dead Awake

Desmond Caine suffers from insomnia and spends his nights walking the streets. One night, he witnesses a murder, generating a strange chain of events in his life.

One night, he witnesses a murder, generating a strange chain of events in his life. Desmond Caine suffers from insomnia and spends his nights walking the streets

Dead Awake is the best new movie of Terry Abrahamson. This movie was introduced in 2001. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Stephen Baldwin, Macha Grenon, Michael Ironside, Edward Yankie, Janet Kidder, Maxim Roy, Claudia Ferri, Karen Elkin, Frank Schorpion, Conrad Pla, Daniel Brochu, Gillian Ferrabee, Lorne Brass, Michelle Lipper, Donovan Reiter. Movie' genres are Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.3 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Bianca B (es)

For some reason I don't understand, I liked this movie

Brian C (fr)

Great look at the dificult path to becoming a master sommelier

Eduardo D (de)

Jill Marie Jones stands out with her folkloric, laugh-out-loud performance. What a fun-filled little film with a great message! A plausible directorial debut by Nancy Kissam, who also wrote the screenplay

Jakki J (br)

Still, an intriguing slice of Americana, with similar appeal as State Fair. I wasn't really crazy about the ending, but it was certainly realistic and one could easily predict what most likely came of the leads. I think Paul Newman would have been a much better choice. Plot had holes and William Holden seemed a bit too old for the role. Kim Novak is breathtaking and Rosalind Russel is a hoot, as usual. Caught this on TV recently and found it to be overall mediocre, but enjoyable in spots

Jon M (br)

2/100. Either way it was a completely average movie that you should only check out if you're interested in some fictionalized events that led up to Dominican Dictator Rafael Trujillo's assassination. The story seemed rushed and there was all of about 0 character development, but it told the story I think it set out to. Ugh I'm glad they killed Mark Anthony when they did because I couldn't suffer another minute with him onscreen "acting". Salma did a decent job and Olmos was good like always. Well it was ok I guess

Keegan M (au)

Hasse as much though. E. I didn't really like O. That said Karl Malden, Anne Baxter, and Monty Clift were all delights to watch. I was somewhat unengaged in the movie. Knowing (basically) precisely what had happened about 10 minutes into the movie was not something that worked for me, because, for me, part of the beauty of a Hitchcock suspense movie is watching the mystery unravel, which never really happened here. I think I had seen The Lady Vanishes a few nights before, which really raised my expectations for this because I thought that was wonderful. I was pretty underwhelmed by this movie

Leon A (es)

Such an underrated film!

Lisa M (de)

The worst of all B movies on Netflixs

Mike B (fr)

. . Ultimately, a waste of time, and I'm glad that it was covered by Netflix, rather than me buying the film. However, in this case, curiosity killed the film, as I started to hope for a really intricate ending, but instead was confronted by a rather weak story, and a very pathetic ending. It had an interesting set-up, and curiosity dragged me in. It was a film that actually had a lot of potential

Ric S (gb)

Wanna waste an hour and a half- take a nap instead. they could have named it Dumb, dumber and extremely dumb. . . . OK, If you want the straight dope on this movie, here it is. Some of the camera angles are interesting and the cinematography is very nice. If you are 3-6 years old, this movie may be somewhat believable