Dead Babies

Dead Babies

When a group of college kids get together for a weekend of partying, they find themselves mixed up in a murderous plot. Having planned on a weekend of hard-core debauchery, the English students and their visiting American friends do not notice when a series of mindless murders and acts of terrorism are carried out around them.

Residents prime themselves for both a visit from three Americans and a weekend of copious decadence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashley C (ca) wrote: The kid was hilarious and Cha Tae-Hyun is one of my favorite actors. It was hilarious and also touching, great movie!

Casey P (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie, would 100% recommend

Kevin G (au) wrote: Great story with good acting

Claire H (fr) wrote: Wow! This movie sucks! Hammy is a disgrace to Surley Squirrel! This is one of DreamWorks disappointing movies. It is not like Shrek. Shrek was a inspiring movie. This was nothing like it. Steve carrell was the voice of hammy. He did better when he was Gru in the Despicable me movies.

Kurt M (de) wrote: Cujo could have written a better movie.

Cynthia S (ag) wrote: Cute, enjoyable film.

bill s (mx) wrote: Jackson is good the movie is not.

Al S (jp) wrote: i Like It................?

Sandy R (gb) wrote: Based on a friend's recommendation.

Jess L (jp) wrote: A charming and feel good movie about two newlyweds and their first apartment together. It's hard not to enjoy this film or the wonderful comedic performances from Redford, but particularly from Fonda. A simple premise, basic setting and minimal characters make this film work. Watching it I noticed how timeless it feels. Though made in 1967 there is little to pin it to that time period, and the issues the characters face are such that any audience can relate to or simply enjoy the banter between the couple. Good fun.

Sepp V (ag) wrote: Well done but nothing special, except "location" - submarine - either. Battle suspension is sacrificed to a love story. I'm more of a Das Boot fan..

Augustine H (es) wrote: Controversial to the audience in the 1940s, Duel in the Sun becomes unbearable to contemporary viewers. Featuring love and hatred, sibling rivalry, sexual desire and the great Western desert, the film could have been a great classic. Unfortunately, the magnificent Jennifer Jones became an annoying dumbass one wishes she could behave at least with a little sense; while Gregory Peck's spoiled and exploitative character, despite the drastic difference from his established image, looks like nothing more than a sick maniac. Lillian Gish's efforts are not enough to reverse the replacement of the supposed sentiments with the wish to send the 2 protagonists to mental institutes. The only relief at the end is that the farce is finally over.

Hamilton D (mx) wrote: james stewart was good, but dietrich was really awful. i hated how in the end destry stooped to their level and used a gun.

Raymond C (jp) wrote: Now I know WHY this Blu-ray was on sale brand new for $5.00!

Dana R (de) wrote: what a classic movie

Warren W (ag) wrote: Boring, enough said.