Dead Billy

Dead Billy

Graduate student Calliope Girard's orderly life is thrown into chaos by unexplained seizures that unlock buried memories of a violent past.

Graduate student Calliope Girard’s orderly life is thrown into chaos by unexplained seizures that unlock buried memories of a much darker past. A past defined by violence, abuse, and manipulation, and occupied by a mysterious man she knew only as Billy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Dead Billy torrent reviews

K R (nl) wrote: This ended up having more of a twist than I expected. And man, those dolls are creepy, too!

Marcus C (ag) wrote: Reality bites hard and you can feel Sao Paulo's stunning yet horrifying grandeur all the way through Walter Salles' "Linha de Passe". Besides its tiring plot about life in brazilian favelas, the movie is beautifully shot, well-acted and has a brave ending.

Waleed A (kr) wrote: very funny with a great cast and fun premise. this movie shouldn't be taken seriously. there are lots of parts that make no sense and lots of cheesy/campy parts. but still very enjoyable along with some nostalgia (about 4 viewings)

Charlie G (mx) wrote: Enjoyable concept.A Timecop squad is created after an inventor creates the ability to time travel and a Senator has his eyes set on getting money from the past and changing time to get to the presidency.

Tomi V (gb) wrote: Great Mad-Max-wanna-be.

Andres G (ru) wrote: Interesting but much more for how the movies were done back in 1927 and how the relationships between men and women were understood.

Brian P (br) wrote: didnt like this one.........

Randy P (us) wrote: Felt more like it was trying to be more impressive with its visual effects.But the performances are in the right place and the film has some sort of heart.