Dead Bodies

Dead Bodies

The return of a vengeful ex-girlfriend sets into motion a series of gruesome events for a hapless Irish bachelor in director Robert Quinn's grim black comedy. Tommy (Andrew Scott) had thought he had seen the last of Jean (Katy Davis) after their recent breakup, but when she returns to stake her claim on Tommy's apartment, the confrontation that ensues makes their previous quarrels look petty by comparison. After leaving the apartment in the head of the fight to cool his head and gather his thoughts, he returns only to find that Jean has died and enlists the aid of his friend Noel (Darren Healy) in ditching the body and ensuring that no one ever finds out what happened.

The return of a vengeful ex-girlfriend sets into motion a series of gruesome events for a hapless Irish bachelor in director Robert Quinn's grim black comedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maressa S (kr) wrote: This film is fabulous from beginning to end. My entire family was rolling with laughter. Trace Atkins steals the entire show! Grab some girlfriends and enjoy a night out... if you dare!

Kris M (de) wrote: OMG ! Contraitement ce qu'on pourrait penser, cela ne vole pas haut !

Deb R (br) wrote: Really fell in love with the characters in this well acted and directed film adaptation of the excellent book, East Fifth Bliss. Great music too! Bravo!

Daniel G (nl) wrote: This movie is so bad it's painful to watch

Kieran F (es) wrote: Can we say Soft core porno? While the first three American pies where funny raunchy films that had taste to them they where still good. Band camp although not as good as the first three was still in the same type of humor as them but was slowly shifting towards the soft core porn area yet not there yet and was still funny. This just goes straight into the soft core porn area and it makes you feel bad that you're watching this..thank god people can watch it in the privacy of their own homes. Beta House was really a big let down to a series that didn't start off AMAZING but was still fresh and had lots of places to go that slowly became the genre it was spoofing and no longer funny but instead disturbing.

Carlos M (de) wrote: An excellent documentary that exposes this veiled type of censorship and a group of hypocritical moralists who find themselves in the position to decide what we can and cannot watch, using a questionable system that benefits mostly the interests of movie studios and corporations.

Ryan W (ag) wrote: Blade Trinity will entertain people with some of its action but for others it is just dull and lifeless and just focuses on a series of very mindless and at times truly lame action sequences

Kalin G (ca) wrote: Among the really good Balkan comedies G.O.R.A. is good fun and Turkish-style spoof of blockbusters. "N-n-n-i-c-c-ce. I like."

Ryan C (ru) wrote: Anyone who has seen American Movie will definitely want to see this. A cult classic in the Indie film world. Dont expect a masterpiece but go into it open minded.

Paul D (ag) wrote: This movie is not great, more a reason to get the Douglas clan together, which is the interest value in this one.

peter g (ru) wrote: it was ok got better at the end but you never really see alot of bloody murder scenes but some

Julio B (ag) wrote: A solid film with a lot of memorable scenes. The ending is weak and/or seemed like a cop out to me but besides those last 5 minutes, this film provides a look at what troubled high schools are really like. There a bit of distortions and extremes in the film though. For the record, I am a high school teacher in a troubled NYC school.

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