Dead by Dawn

Dead by Dawn

A group of teenagers head out to a cottage to party hard, only to be murdered one by one by a vengeful soul that lives in the cottage.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   ghost,   zombie,  

A group of teenagers head out to a cottage to party hard, only to be murdered one by one by a vengeful soul that lives in the cottage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dead by Dawn torrent reviews

Marcie R (mx) wrote: I Like this movie. Sad, true and touching.

Wallace R (jp) wrote: Wonderful use of film - teaching us what we all must do - even for our own good when wronged by others. So hard to forgive but so necessary...

Tim D (us) wrote: Once you get past the slow start, it has its funny moments. Then the elements from the beginning end up paying off. If you enjoyed Health Inspector and Delta Farce, this one is recommended, though not as funny as them.

Spencer H (mx) wrote: I can't believe what I just witnessed.

Shelby H (kr) wrote: Smart and funny. Great, memorable characters and a plot line that keeps you guessing.

Blake C (ru) wrote: Joe Dirt is a terrible movie. It tries to be funny, and it doesn't work. AT ALL.

Kate P (es) wrote: An excellent and little known German film with a great story that is less about the Nazi regime and more about friendship under fire. Has the appropriate amount of awesome art deco and singing for any movie about the late 30s. Haha.

Brandon C (ag) wrote: What the hell kind of movie was this supposed to be? It seems that when they started they wanted to try to make something serious, but somewhere along the line they realized what a piece of garbage they had and tried to turn it into a satire or something. Needless to say that failed dramatically. Our story centers around Vincent (Rory Calhoun) and his farm where along with his little sister Ida make smoked meat that you have never tasted before and never will taste again. Oooh, I wonder what makes it so good. There really isn't anything else in terms of a story other than they save the life of some young girl but Vincents little brother is in love with her, but yet Vincent is in love with her and there's some weird stuff that happens; but overall there's barely anything that happens. I can't recommend this to anybody except for anyone who will watch any horror film that is put in front of them I'm glad I watched it so I don't have to watch it again. It's not atrociously bad but its just blah, it exists. So unless sheer curiosity begs you to watch it do not waste nearly two hours of your time.

Maeghan S (au) wrote: I love you Esther Williams. And she actually did break vertebrae making it.

Ian I (kr) wrote: Wow! If you want to watch a thriller about how police corruption can ruin innocent people's lives and how criminals can change their lives this is a great film. Bruce Willis shows he can adapt to any acting style and can play any character. Mos Def is great in this also. He shows his versatility in the entertainment world.

bill s (ru) wrote: No chemistry between the two leads is just the tip of the iceberg about what is wrong with this film.

Michael F (kr) wrote: Sluts who get what they want, and then when they realize what's really important... it's too late. Is it sad that it explains most of my previous relationships? This movie isn't even worth the Dennings fantasy some geeks have.

Boogie B (gb) wrote: "Crazy 14 year old just cut off my balls!" Just when you thought teenage girls couldn't get any scarier, you come across the film Hard Candy. I actually have never heard of this film before. It was recommended to me, and I happened to come across it on Hulu, and finally decided to watch it. I am glad I came across it, and I think you'll be glad you came across this movie as well.Hayley, a teenage girl, played by Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) agrees to meet a thirty something year old, played by Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, The Conjuring), who is a fashion photographer. The two met in an online chat room, and the encounter of a predator meets the prey makes for an interesting story. But, as the film goes on, we ask ourselves who is the predator, and who is the prey? The film builds up some pretty good tension. I believe, that from the first scene, the viewer automatically feels uncomfortable. We really do get a fluster of nerves in our gut, from that opening scene. We do not know what to expect, and as the film goes on it becomes an interesting concept of cat and mouse. This one film really is a mixed bag of different genres in one movie. We get a drama, thriller, horror, mystery, and a psychological thriller. This is a good example of different genres mixing together, to tell one good story.This movie may have a simple premise, but it's gigantic on great performances. After seeing Ellen Page in this, and seeing her in other films, such as Juno. I believe Ellen Page is not only a great actress now, but will be a great actress for years and years to come. She plays the role so well, and honestly I found her quite scary. For instance, there is one scene, where it involves Jeff tied to a steel table, with his genitals on ice, and Hayley saying she will castrate him (you do the math). Ellen Page is literally Jigsaw from the Saw horror movies, when it comes to Patrick Wilson's balls. Even though that may sound pleasing to some people, Ellen Page's performance had me gasping, sweating, and frightened.Even though there are not a lot of locations throughout this film, they make the best of the one location. I like how in Jeff's home, the pictures he had on his walls from his fashion photography work, kinda said something about his possible personality. If you really look at them. Similarly, there is a scene in the movie at 1 hour and 20 minute mark. Where Hayley is hanging up a picture, of a young woman looking at a window. However, the window is covered by curtains. I personally take that as, maybe the character Hayley wants a way out, to see the truth in front of her, but can't.So these are my final Bitchin' Buddha thoughts on the film Hard Candy. Hard Candy is good nail biting film. That really has you pulled in from the very first scene. The film is very dialogue heavy. Meaning if you are the kind of person who isn't into a lot of characters talking, and more about characters doing, this film may not be for you. Personally, I didn't mind all the talk between the characters. I believe Hard Candy earns a..3.5 / 5 Thank you for reading and viewing, and I hope you all have an amazing day as always. :)

Eber N (jp) wrote: It's a great movie of those that you made fun of small and long time not see them does, it's amazing to see her every Christmas with children next, one of the best parts of this film is that in which the father played by Schwarzenegger and a busy postman played by Sinbad, have a chat while waiting to have the toy store on Christmas shopping last minute when the former tells the postman that your child also wants a doll Turbo Man the second will release a words are the truth: "we are in the hands of powerful cartels of toys, a handful of bigwigs who use the hard workers like you and I, millions of dollars are spent on advertising and are throwing subliminal messages to suck your mind our children, and what I say because I attended one year at college and study psychology, so I am aware it is happening and thus get a kid feel like garbage, if your father that you work 24 hours delivering mail so that we can pass the pension to a woman who has slept with all staff post but me, and when you have the toy breaks and you can not fix it because it is cheap plastic, you know I want to do? would go up to that office, grab one of them and squeeze the neck until their eyes pop "that although partly a joke (about the woman who sleeps with all staff post under him ) is also a reflection, a critique toy companies, when a child wants something very special that is fashionable either a doll or a game of a very popular character, you go crazy looking and can not find, as in this film the father for a workaholic wants to compensate your child for his karate class have been lost, this asks a doll of a character based on bullshit type series "Power Rangers" Turbo Man, the problem is that although it has promised buy it, is the world's best selling toy and the father is involved in the most bizarre and unfortunate situations to get the happy Turbo Man. in order that you want to tell? Schwarzenegger always liked more in comedy than in those tatty and loggerhead movies shootings and punches without argument.

Dane M (au) wrote: poor sequel to In the Heat of the Night

Tyson G (us) wrote: Stanley "Muerte/Morty" Tucci cracks me up, and the Quaid/Turner banter is so unbelievable, yet quite entertaining. As far as goofy movies go, this one was a pretty good time.

Larry C (kr) wrote: It is a Thriller. I do NOT like this type of movie.