Dead Clowns

Dead Clowns

Dead Clowns revolves around ordinary people in a small town in Florida. A hurricane has just slammed into the area...

Dead Clowns revolves around ordinary people in a small town in Florida. A hurricane has just slammed into the area... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caleb C (it) wrote: Thuroughly interesting film, but it is missing something. Always engaging and great performances here as well. Worth a look for the indie film lovers.

Ryan B (it) wrote: A beautiful piece, this film defines elegance in the most beautiful of ways. I loved the respect it gives the characters and let's the story breathe like the best of French cinema.

Sylvia P (gb) wrote: love it! great music and great story.

Bryan B (es) wrote: ...(on of the) BEST ZOMBIE MOVIES.......EVER!!!!!

Blind P (ag) wrote: Devout religious girl finds holy purpose in the interest of a lecherous doctor who enjoys rubbing himself against her clothed bum in public and running away when she turns. Some may find it boring because it generally projects the subtleties of human relationships rather than having them unrealistically conform to a melodramatic arc. Not to say this piece isn't melodramatic, as at times it drips.

Avery J (gb) wrote: stupid they're ruining the classics!

Hans S (ca) wrote: En av mina favoritfilmer

Brian S (es) wrote: Will always go down as one of the best war movies I've ever seen. N not hey just don't make them like this very much anymore

Joseph D (it) wrote: Best film of the trilogy,overall. I really liked the Ents. And everyone's performance is at their peak.

Chris H (ru) wrote: Why two people would go that much out of the way to help the Boston Celtics is beyond me. But if your a diehard sports fan, of any kind, then you may find this movie to be watchable at least once

Tabitha O (kr) wrote: I love this movie. It is sweet, exciting, funny, clever. yes it has cliches, but it also has a superb cast with excellent chemistry.

Luke S (it) wrote: Minus the odd rogue boom mic, this is another example of a single location, small cast movie which manages to be absolutely compelling. Truly relevant.

Craig H (it) wrote: Since no one could reasonably ignore the pageantry and soul-churning pathos of the original, we get more ninja goodness in this film, the first of four sequels, not all of which starred Michael Dudikoff. Backed an all-synthesizer, all-the-time, all-annoying soundtrack, Dudikoff returns as Joe Armstrong, the American ninja, with Steve James back as his Black sidekick. This time around, they've been flown in to some exotic warm locale (which was apartheid South Africa, hence the accents on many of the cast) to investigate the disappearance of American marines by various and sundry nefarious parties. It doesn't help that the commanding Colonel "Wild Bill" has gone native and his men run around in Hawaiian shirts, all of them apparently behaving as if they were permanently on shore leave. In no time flat, Armstrong finds himself against more ninjas, mixed with a thoroughly ridiculous gene-splicing subplot (GROWING ninjas, so to speak), as he fights the evil businessman Leo..."the Lion". Yes, that's his criminal nickname. Some people say this film was better than the first. I disagree. In fact, I disagree completely. I would argue that if such a thing is possible, it is indeed worse than the original, with some truly terrible acting (it's hard to believe that Dudikoff could get worse but they actually let him speak more this time around), some of the fakest looking "martial arts" ever committed to film, not to mention the sheer sloppiness of the production - there are at least two shots in the film where Dudikoff's stand-in is filmed FROM THE FRONT, as if we weren't supposed to see that he has a DIFFERENT FACE. And that's just in the first 15 minutes. Woodchuck sez, "Crapola Part 2."

Sharon U (fr) wrote: Another movie starring a young Matt Dillon and Emilio Estevez. Coming of age flick about Tex's relationship with his brother. A series of events leads Tex to realise that he's a stayer!!

David W (es) wrote: Enjoyable. Yvette Rees was pretty creepy.

Noname (ru) wrote: Im a huge Star Wars fan to begin with and i like goofy comedies time to time so this movie seemed to be rather decent. The story follows 5 friends on their way to steal an early copy of "SW Phantom Menace" on Lucas territory.. not quite the best plot out there but it has some good moments altho the movie could have been funnier in my opinion. There are some familiar actors like Dan Fogler , Kristen Bell and a very small role by Seth Rogen. A + for some cameo roles with Carrie Fisher , Billy Dee W. Anyway a movie that could have been better but its atleast a watchable one.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Not the average Arnold action film it's got allot of story to tell and the first half was gripping but it got silly and very wierd, Some good shoot outs but a very strange film.

Chris C (jp) wrote: Paying homage to 50's scifi monster classics, Tremors is pure fun and solid entertainment that delivers the right balance of comedy and horror with a diversely talented cast---which consist of Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross and Reba McEntire.

Kyle B (ag) wrote: I tried watching this many years ago and couldn't get into it but I am glad I revisited it. Billy Bob Thornton is an actor I think many undermine his talents as an actor. He really is stellar in this very unlikeable role. Halle Berry is great here but I still stand by my belief that Nicole Kidman should have won for Moulin Rouge! that year. Heath Ledger is also great in a smaller than remembered performance but reminds you of what an incredible talent he was that many took for granted in his pre Brokeback years. The writing is strong, great direction, and a haunting score.

Hollie R (kr) wrote: I love this story I watch it everyday xx