Dead Country

Dead Country

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A space ship explodes in the night sky above a small rural town showering the population with a deadly alien virus, which then spreads a zombie plague upon the town folk. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dead Country torrent reviews

Arthur C (ag) wrote: Some movies just crack through to something inside - this is one o' mine.

Gregory W (ag) wrote: I really didn't expect much from the reviews, but was pleasantly surprised. Had some really genuine scares and a pretty good story to boot. Not the best, but we'll worth your time.

Paul B (jp) wrote: A film that hits on one of my biggest complaints against the government.

Eric T (us) wrote: What makes this movie as good as it is is Jay's character. He plays a person who just has bad luck no matter what he does and he always has someone else to blame for his screw ups. I think he\s a character that many of us as viewers can say we have acted like that or we know people that live their lives like that. Also this was done very well and had basically no budget to it. The real gem wasn't its budget, it was the script. And scripts, are what many movies are lacking nowadays.

Nayita 2 (br) wrote: la vi por mi sobrina

Sharad M (nl) wrote: this was a intelligently put together film, with strong acting performances, the plot is bleak,dark but so is the outcome for many who struggle and go through harsh times. Very tense indeed.

Linda F (ag) wrote: a stupid movie about a rebellious girl who is forced by the courts to go back to gymnastics. (lol)

Christopher S (kr) wrote: A Jaws knock-off with nobody to fill Roy Scheider's shoes.

Leena L (us) wrote: Beautiful. Just plain and simple, beautiful. Nice sense of humou, lots of feelingsr and understanding of human nature.

Rick Q (kr) wrote: "timecode" has a really cool concept and style, but the story is lacking, many of the characters are completely useless, and overall it feels like mostly a waste of time.

Cameron F (us) wrote: A underrated performance from Mark Wahlberg.

Bud L (es) wrote: very weird but in a good way

Chris C (ca) wrote: Dramatic tension and the will to survive are strongly highlighted in this remake with a solid performance by Dennis Quaid.

Jim H (nl) wrote: A crooner and a twinkle-toes vie for the affections of a classy dame.Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire are at the heights of their respective talents in this delightful little film. It's a popcorn film with little substance, but it's also one to return to just for a smile.All that is true if I were to take the film in its 1942 context, but holy irony, Batman, there is something head-scratching about Bing Crosby singing a song praising Abraham Lincoln in blackface. At that time there wouldn't have been such a problem, and within the context of the story, it actually makes a bit of sense, but wow, it's a sight that's hard to stomach.Overall, there is enough delight to balance the film's antiquated elements.

Ben F (it) wrote: Many movies you see once. Some you see twice. Sometimes you watch Yes Man eight or so times and truly wonder what that says about you. What draws me to Jim Carrey's romantic follies? Why is Bradley Cooper in this? Is all of my life just one dream? Am I ready to wake up and watch more Yes Man?