Dead Dudes in the House

Dead Dudes in the House

Eight friends go to fix up an old house that Mark has purchased. Upon arriving they find the grave of Annabelle (the former owner) in the back yard. She had killed her husband back in the ...

Eight friends go to fix up an old house that Mark has purchased. Upon arriving they find the grave of Annabelle (the former owner) in the back yard. She had killed her husband back in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna L (it) wrote: For a B movie I thought it wasn't so bad.

Oliver C (au) wrote: Good horror. Nothing spectacular but a good addition to the series.

Brad G (us) wrote: This might have been a little more informative and thought provoking than my typical T&A heavy exploitation, but it's definitely better than reading a book (right?) and I finished this film knowing not to trust my realtor or give a damn about cannon fodder 9th graders not interested in bettering their GPAs....was that the point? Probably not. We all just need to find the right incentives to make this world a better place. Good luck. VF.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Wonderful film, wonderful story. A must see

Greg S (nl) wrote: I sat down to watch Arc more because of the cast than the content. I was very eager to see Peter Facinelli's acting skills when carrying the lead of a movie as I found him to be perfectly cast in 2008's Twilight as Dr. Carlisle Cullen. The movie is shot with a documentary style edge to the cinematography which I usually find irritating but somehow in this works in the context of this film's subject matter. The multi-faceted plotline is gritty and draws you in, both because of the edginess of the stories and the high calibre of acting. This movie grabs you early on and draws you deeper inside with every passing moment. Plotlines range from child sex abuse and kidnapping to dysfunctional family and drug addiction. Peter Facinelli's portrayal of the "hero" in this film is actually come to like and feel for this unlikely hero who suffers from psychosis and drug addiction, but who never loses his desire to champion a this case the abuse and kidnapping of a little boy. I now know why it was so popular in it's appearances at independent film festivals. Riveting performances by Facinelli and Howard and all the supporting cast and kudos to the director for allowing us to see his vision. Well worth the 2 hrs!

Josean A (es) wrote: Zooey should be acting more like the way she did in this film.

Ca H (jp) wrote: A thoroughly modern adaptation that still keeps to the spirit and themes of the play: a really good balance! The choice to stray away from Shakespearean language worked well in my opinion and this was a fairly dark but still entertaining film, featuring some great performances.

Jeremy (nl) wrote: awsome flick if you love the 1st ammendment

Sean L (ca) wrote: During the 1980s, only two years passed without an entry in the Friday the 13th series. That's eight films in ten years, and while the quality usually betrayed those short production times, they always felt like kin. Spiritual relatives. It took four years for a ninth chapter to see the light of day, plus a switch from Paramount to New Line Cinema, and somewhere along the way there was a great disconnect. A true B-grade picture in every sense, Jason Goes to Hell is the worst Friday yet, and one of the most desperate, flailing, pointless films I've ever seen. Though veteran blade-swinger Kane Hodder has returned to the role, this Jason bears little resemblance to the cool, creepy psycho killer of the earlier films. Inflated and deformed, at this point he's basically a roid-raging leper in a twisted, vaguely-familiar hockey mask, but he's changed in more than just a physical sense. The story revolves around his black heart, literally migrating from host to host to inspire fresh killings after Jason himself is blown to bits in the opening scene. We've swallowed some absurdly stupid plot devices over the course of this franchise, including a similarly lame-brained "fake Jason" angle in 1985's A New Beginning, but this one sets an awful new standard. It plays like cruddy straight-to-video '90s gimmick horror, not the quaintly under-produced slasher material that had typified the series to this point. Needless to say, the acting hasn't improved (somehow, impossibly, it's actually grown much worse) and the production values, which enjoyed a well-deserved bump in Jason Takes Manhattan, are once again cut-rate and pitiful. Not a good look for New Line, proving right out of the gates that they don't understand what they're making and don't honestly care, one way or the other.

Tracy H (jp) wrote: Poorly done sequel to one of my favorite creepy movies

Gareth E (au) wrote: I'm all about established permanent floating crap games in New York, but this film seemed to go on for ever! On the plus side, the acting was great, the sets were fab and Brando made me feel mighty real. I felt strangly drawn to one of the female leads in ways which made me question my inner musical gay, but less about me - Luck Be a Lady was a total joy! I'd highly recommend seeking out the BFI sponsered digital print that's currently going round our nation's finest popcorn sellers.