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Bill S (us) wrote: There comes a time in every movie where you give up all hope of finding any redeeming qualities. I held out for as long as possible before figuring that I have absolutely nothing else to do in the next hour and it can't get any worse, right? I was mistaken. It got worse. Oh lord was it bad. I mean, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes type of bad.

Richard D (fr) wrote: John Dies at the End, or How to make a David Cronenberg movie a comedy. I see a lot of Cronenberg's movies in this film such as "Naked Lunch, and Videodrome" I get the feeling this film was made by ex film students who wanted to parody the pretentious films they had to study. Being a film graduate myself I can greatly appreciate and laugh at this films' antics. If you have ever been frustrated by a supposed Art House film, then this is for you. The story kinda meanders around as they experiment with a drug. Nothing you see on screen should be considered reliable (much like Naked Lunch). Check your brain at the door and just absorb its weirdness. This film doesn't make much sense and its not supposed to. Its dark humor and seemingly random plot devices come in and out, but when the jokes hit, they are a riot.So get a few friends and a couple beers and enjoy. I only wish the effects were better.

Dave B (kr) wrote: A fascinating insight into one of the worlds largest corporate scandals

Stacie (gb) wrote: There were a few thin spots (a few threads were left hanging ), but in general it's a sweet, reflective movie that compels us to identify with Emerson and invites us to think about the emotional reactions it raises in us. The music of The Hidden Cameras fits this film like a glove and gives it a great touch of acoustic class.

Marilena G (ag) wrote: Good romantic movie with a twist. Interesting story...

Private U (es) wrote: Perhaps my favourite film; beautiful and melancholy. A visually stunning, understated masterpiece.

Ben W (kr) wrote: basically eisensteins death warrant. thats why this was not released until more than a decade after the first part. stalin was displeased and thus, this was eisensteins last film. i found a lot of parallels with some scorsese like raging bull and goodfellas in the story development but visually this is distinctly eisenstein. much like the first in some ways but at moments bizarrely different. in particular, the song and dance sequence that changes to color. the pagan look of that scene is spectacular as you watch ivan become who the world remembers him as.

Robert I (nl) wrote: A motorcycle gang kidnaps a young woman, Josie, from a diner and brutally kills her. Many years later, the girl's father finds a magic crystal that can bring the life back to dead objects. He uses it to re-animate his daughter. He lets her seduce any young man that comes to visit the small town and then kills them. Four young students, two boys and two girls spend a vacation near the town, Hellgate. They hear about the story and get involved. (Enough said)

Al M (nl) wrote: A harrowing exploration of the devastation left behind by war and the ethical dilemmas faced by everyone from children to the elderly. Rossellini's brief tragedy filmed on location in the bombed out shell of Berlin, which no longer even resembles a city so much as a collection of ruins. Rosselllini explores the lingering influence of Nazism, the awkward situations created by housing regulations, and the utilitarian decisions that people are driven to in the direst of circumstances. I still hope some day to see Rome Open City and this flim in more pristine transfers because I think my appreciation of them is always somewhat diminished by the awful condition of the prints I have seen.

Autumn R (mx) wrote: Not bad film -- not the greatest either. Liked it better than seed of Chucky.

Brad M (mx) wrote: I very much liked it. The acting is of the highest standard.

bloody w (fr) wrote: ray Allen having anal sex with 2 white girls while in a relationship with a hot black girl and denzel whasington lasting 5 seconds while banging a hooker in the ass what kind of movie is this spike