Dead In Tombstone

Dead In Tombstone

An outlaw named Guerrero Hernandez is shot in the back and killed whilst attempting to free his half-brother from a small-town prison. Making a deal with the devil, Hernandez returns from the dead to take his revenge.

Guerrero, a leader of the group of cowboys always believe in existence of a bloodthirsty Satan in his nightmares. In a large robbery mission gold in Colorado town he was betrayed and killed by the brothers and his accompices. Now his nightmare comes true and he has the opportunity to revive one again in order to caught the traitor to expiate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luciano G (jp) wrote: The acting is okay at times and the pacing can be a bit of a drag, the characters can be clichd and cartoony at times but for the most part you know their role in the film.... it's not Jae's best movie, but it's something we can gnaw on as we wait for the highly anticipated Skin Trade coming next year...

Ben L (jp) wrote: Wendy and Lucy is a slice-of-life drama about a woman who hits some roadblocks when she stops in a small town on her way to Alaska. This film is extremely slow to develop. The script doesn?t give us much detail about Wendy or why she is doing anything. There are subtle hints laid out as the movie progresses but if you like to know back story, motivations, or any significant detail about the main character when you watch a movie, then this one will infuriate you. I actually found it relatively tolerable, mostly because I kept expecting there would be a big reveal. When the movie ended and I still felt like I knew as little about Wendy as I did when the movie started, I was a little disappointed. The events that happen to Wendy are very human struggles, and that aspect at least allows us to connect with her and feel sympathy for what she is going through. The overall feel of Michelle Williams? performance was very melancholy, and since every single moment revolves around her, the whole film had the same tone. This is the second movie I?ve seen that was directed by Kelly Reichardt and it seems she likes making movies that don?t have big moments. There are no dramatic swells in this movie, but I suppose that makes it feel more authentic or real-to-life. What it doesn?t do is make the movie fun to watch. Wendy and Lucy held my attention for the full run-time, but didn?t impact me in any way even in the most emotional moments.

Sancar S (es) wrote: Weak Minghella with declining Binoche.

John D (it) wrote: Steve! And Peter Dinklage! In the same movie!

Dan S (au) wrote: Really awesome film, Eric Bana is immense at Chopper Reid, the mixture of humour and acts of pure violence really memorable. Those looking for something following in similar format to Bronson will enjoy this a lot, it competes with it in terms of having a strong style and is unflinching in its violent outbursts but carries a stronger emotional depth paid less attention in Bronson.

RJohn X (br) wrote: what a super video nasty surprise. Sheila Keith is amazingly evil and plays the role with a quiet abandon that makes the villain, banal and real and incredibly scary. While the violence is a bit British, in that none of the victims to more than stand and wait for the their demise with a horrified grimace and a pleading, "Pardon me, miss cannibal psychopath, but if it would not be so much of a bother, I would prefer you did not stab me with that fireplace poker." Still, effectively gruesome and lingering horror movie.

Amy M (kr) wrote: Always happy to watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan ??

Matthew D (it) wrote: Football, for me as a cinematic subject, is the most boring you can get. Yet, Bend It Like Beckham is consistently entertaining, thanks to its inspiring morale, outstanding performances and top-notch script.