Dead Inn

Dead Inn

Come for the party, stay for the funeral!

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Trevor D (it) wrote: Not as good as the trilogy but still pretty entertaining

Ian C (br) wrote: Another dose of gritty social realism from Ken Loach.

DB S (fr) wrote: I've always thought that tapeworms would help with dieting and this movie confirms it!

Alan S (ag) wrote: this also should be a good one too to go & see

Aj V (nl) wrote: This is a spy movie where everyone is a criminal, everyone! I bet you can guess the end just by knowing that. Now, what's the point in seeing this? I wish I hadn't wasted the time. Overall, it's not bad, it's just not good either.

Randy T (au) wrote: Even in the midst of a Japanese concentration camp, Claudette Colbert's poise and class shines through. What an amazing, beautiful human being.

Carlton R (br) wrote: Above average war film set in Guadalcanal, as the army take over a deserted Airfield and village, however soon they are under attack, and the story includes diary events of the soldiers,which are read out,One of my favourite actors Preston Foster is exellent,Preston Foster as Father DonnellyLloyd Nolan as Gunnery Sgt. Hook MaloneWilliam Bendix as Corporal Aloysius T. "Taxi" PottsRichard Conte as Captain Don DavisAnthony Quinn as Private Jesus "Soose" AlvarezRichard Jaeckel as Private Johnny "Chicken" AndersonRoy Roberts as Captain James CrossMinor Watson as Colonel Wallace E. GraysonRalph Byrd as Ned RowmanLionel Stander as Sergeant ButchReed Hadley as War correspondent / NarratorJohn Archer as Lieutenant Thurmond star,The majority of the film was shot on location at Camp Pendleton, near Oceanside, California. Many of the Marines stationed there were filmed while on maneuvers and a substantial number appeared in the picture in small speaking parts or as extrasIts an enjoyable film,with original film footage, and loss of life, but gives an historical insight into war at the time

Raymond N (it) wrote: A great introduction to this high speed octane sport. Maybe the video and audio quality could be better? Then again, this is a documentary and not an IMAX flick.

Cade H (us) wrote: Hellraiser: Revelations is the final entry in this horror series but it is not an end to the series, just an un-needed sequel. First off this film features a brand new actor playing the iconic Pinhead and it is obvious, not even close to looking or sounding like the original. This film does not even have the feel of being a Hellraiser movie and it focuses on 2 kids in Mexico and their families back in the United States. It then turns into everyone being stuck at this giant house in the country with nowhere to go. Pinhead does makes an appearance or two, mainly in the final sequence but all horror is lost along the way. There are a couple interesting scenes but for the most part it was rather dull. Now that I have watched this entire horror series I have come away with the conclusion that this needs to be renamed, The Puzzle Box because it is the only consistent, frequent thing in the whole series. The main bad guy, Pinhead rarely appeared in any movie and he was so mysterious that you never became attached to him or let alone scared by him. If they re-boot the series like I have heard, they have a tough job to create a film everyone will want to see.

Chris B (au) wrote: Don't know why everyone hates this movie, it is very imformative. Everyone pretty much hates Ben Affleck now as an actor (except for Fargo) so he makes a PERFECT villian. Justin Timberlake is the perfect foil, likeable and easy to root for. You can see this happening. I mean IT LITTERALLY DID HAPPEN. Now watch all this Draft Kings and Fan Duel website that are ways to gamble using fantasy football. And now THEY are getting caught for exactly what Ben Affleck gets caught doing in this very movie. Making money on his own website by adjusting the odds and using insider information. How can you not like this movie?

(de) wrote: Liked the story, nicely done.

Frances H (it) wrote: Not bad,even though it's religious propaganda.