Dead Man's Burden

Dead Man's Burden

A western set on the New Mexico frontier a few years after the Civil War and centered on a struggling young family and the mining company who wants to buy their land.

A western set on the New Mexico frontier a few years after the Civil War and centered on a struggling young family and the mining company who wants to buy their land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin J (kr) wrote: C-This movie has decent acting, a terrible plot, and really bad effects. Not scary, or good. Only watch if you're REALLY bored.

Christabel D (ag) wrote: *shudder* actually really creepy, as its one of those you can't see what is there scary

Dan C (nl) wrote: Half a star and one word... NAFF!

Tamara H (us) wrote: Excellent movie about miracles, redemption, and love.

Tanner B (es) wrote: Eraser (1996) ???Slam-bang action movie with cutting-edge effects, explosive action, and characters that make sense. A Witness Protection specialist vows to protect a female witness safe no matter how much of a target she is. Cartoonish, perhaps, but tons of fun just the same. A must for action fans. Available on Netflix.

Cassandra M (es) wrote: There are many films like this - brilliant, thoughtful, stylish, inventive, provocative - that are largely forgotten because they were made by Hammer. Scan through the recent list of the BFI's 100 best British films, and there are very few gems like this. Apparently, its alright to reappraise Ulmer, Lewis, Fuller et al, but we British are above that kind of thing. If you ever see DEMONS, or something like THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES, on your TV listings, don't overlook it. It's always the snobs who lose out.This is an astonishing film, a success in every way, a truly thoughtful horror film. The story concerns an aristocrat who believes his family line is infested with bad blood. He had married a peasant woman to offset this, but has instead infected the peasantry as well. He has locked up his son and daughter, and is bleeding them, to stop the rot. Meanwhile, peasant women are being raped and murdered throughout his estate.From such a scenario, ripe for exploitation, is weaved a remarkable series of themes and variations. The film's first image is of a horse and carriage rushing through a forest, a white hand groping outside, only to be pulled back. Like THE AVENGERS, the best Hammer films revealed the horrors and insanities lurking behind placid, heritage, British rural life. On the surface is a gorgeous idyll - a beautiful Big House, a forest, grassy rivers. Beneath is incest, madness, hysteria, paganism, murder.The house, like most horror films, is a metaphor for the mind. It is literally a prison, but also a labyrinth, mirroring the maze created by the disjointed gazes of the occupants. There are some amazing long shots of the house's inside, haunting, vastly empty, tilted - a mind off balance. The family is no longer a site of continuity and order, but discontinuity, inbreeding, misery and chaos.But the house also shares the literary association as a figure for the state, and the poisonous madness within affects the peasantry too. They partake in pagan rituals, follow mad, gibbering priests, who offer destruction, not redemption, and become a terrifying, cross-burning lynch mob, roaming the country.Ironically, the film is set at the beginning of the century, and Freud's contemporary attempts to throw light on the darkness of the mind is alluded to, and compared to the descent into medieval dank of the film's characters. BARRY LYNDON shares many of this film's themes, and it's hard to believe Kubrick never saw it - both feature Michael Hordern and Patrick Magee.The creation of an actual world mirroring a psychological world is superbly realized. The two levels co-exist, intertwine, and some of the film's most extraordinary and beautiful images are visualizations of Freudian symbols and ideas. Like many great horror films, this is a family saga, but a very mature one. Its refusal to demonize adds greatly to the helplessness of the terrors. Its 'closure' is as bleak as ever Hammer dared. A masterpiece.

Roshan P (de) wrote: A damn good film, actually. At first I thought it was too slow paced and didn't have enough content, but then the story picked up and what is eventually left is a brilliantly told story about the descent of man in the wild. The film nicely blends John's internal struggle of trying to retain his human decency and intellectualism while engaging in the mindless debauching in an attempt to escape his problems. Sequences and the story are well thought out as well presented. The characters each add something to the story and the acting is pretty good. Overall, a great film about Australian outback culture.

Muhammad K (us) wrote: Good and fresh prison drama movie .

Bruno S (mx) wrote: As a family friendly fantasy adventure, Army of Darkness is actually pretty damn good with a great final battle, unfortunately though, because of its looney toon nature and lack of horror, it falls short as an Evil Dead sequel.

Nolan M (jp) wrote: Another horrible, crap-filled PG-13 horror film. The original 1980 slasher with Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't even good to begin with so why bother? This film isn't supposed to be released for another couple of weeks, but I managed to see an early cut online. All I can say have seen it already. Same cheap lame scares and cliches are recycled in this formulaic remake. Will probably be a box-office hit cause of the stupid tweens that will go see this crap.