Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

A justice drama based on a true story about a man on death row who in his last days forms a strong relationship with a nun who teaches him forgiveness and gives him spirituality as she accompanies him to his execution. Susan Sarandon won an Oscar for best female actress for her convincing portrayal of Sister Helen Prejean.

The movie follows sister Helen Prejean, who receives a letter from Matthew Poncelet as he is scheduled to be executed soon for the rape and murder of two teenagers and he needs her help with a final appeal. While comforting a convicted killer on death row, Helen empathizes with both the killer and his victim's families. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom B (ca) wrote: The idea was great, but whole film about it was just unnecessary. A grown adult infiltrating a children's Spelling Bee and eliminating his competition with vulgarity is my type of movie, but all the R rated humor is spaced out between long gaps of not-so funny drama. Some of the tournament tactics are hysterical, but the laughs only last for about 1/20 of the entire movie. Predictable happy endings suck. I loved the fake menstruation and gigantic word elimination idea, but already forgot the rest of the picture.

Hector B (nl) wrote: What's not to like? Great dialog and a glimpse at what could have transpired when the king and queen visited the US before ww2.

Guilherme N (kr) wrote: Gave up before the end

Sam B (de) wrote: Ah venga, es una historia profunda y sensible sobre el nexo de hermandad y amor entre los protagonistas. No es comedia como pens.

Thomas E (es) wrote: ..................I guess it's funny.................for two year olds!!!!! but hey it has Voight from Chicago Fire in it and that guy from third rock from the sun but god it's just terrible. Mike Weinberg has a "great" career ahead of him look since Home Alone 4 he has been in two tv movies, 4 episodes of line of fire, 1 episode of scrubs and 1 episode of zack and cody and has been in nothing since...... he's 21 now and probably living a normal life but this movie will haunt him forever. When people ask for his autograph he's like oh for Life as a House for playing Adam and then the person is like no for that s****y movie Home Alone 4. :-(

Melody M (ag) wrote: a sad film - in a beautiful way.

Chris J (br) wrote: Pretty uneventful, but has its moments.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: Chris Tucker made this movie and the rush hour trilogy. He is just hilarious. His scarface impression in the movie was spot on. I have not seen this guy do stand up comedy but I bet it is great! ("You wanna play rough? I kill for fun)

Jason B (mx) wrote: bad movie that I find mys watching all the time

Jefferson E (es) wrote: Un clsico del cine peruano, siendo una fotografa del aciago pasado y una advertencia de lo que podra volver a pasar.y uno se pregunta quin es realmente el enemigo de la nacin y quin es realmente el terrorista.Siempre queda la duda, porque toda guerra es sucia por naturaleza, ms aun sumada a la desigualdad y el abuso de poder

Stuart K (de) wrote: Directed by Hctor Babenco (Pixote (1981), Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985) and At Play in the Fields of the Lord (1991)), and adapted by William Kennedy from his own 1983 novel. This is a dark and depressing drama with a good cast to it's name, but the film buckles under the weight of it's preachy and emotional message. Having said that, it's not a bad film, but it makes for uncomfortable viewing. In 1937, Francis Phelan (Jack Nicholson) has spent the last 25 years on the road and away from Albany, New York. Back in 1910, while drunk, he dropped his infant son, killing him. Now washed up and with nowhere else to go, he returns to his hometown, he hooks up with his former lover and drinking buddy Helen Archer (Meryl Streep), who is also on the streets and has a drinking habit too. However, as soon as Francis is back in town, he becomes haunted by visions of the past, including flashbacks and ghosts of people who were alive when Francis was younger. But Francis wants to make it up with his estranged wife Annie Phelan (Carroll Baker), who he abandoned all those years back. It is a good film, but it does drag in parts, and this is a film which requires your attention, but there is some good performances from it's leads, and Babenco is a bit of an unsung director with a good style, but it could have been something more.

MJS M (ca) wrote: A fun samurai movie, part of Criterion?s Rebel Samurai boxed set, but probably my least favorite of the three films in the set I?ve seen. The story is convoluted and hard to follow, but part of that may have been I wasn?t paying particularly close attention. The Black and White cinematography was really good. There were some very well choreographed fights, but they weren?t as good as many other samurai movies from the era. Fun movie, just not as good as its peers.

Ryan M (jp) wrote: Demolition Man is a fun, humorous, action-packed parody of serious 1980s dystopian action films.

Matt C (fr) wrote: It's enjoyable and fun to watch... but just nothing too great.

Miguel R (ru) wrote: Stuck on You has a sweet little twist to the story, but mostly, it's plain dumb comedy

Charlie M (kr) wrote: Herbies in Rio for one last adventure.