Dead Men Walk

Dead Men Walk

We meet Doctor Lloyd Clayton at the funeral of his twin brother, evil magician Elwyn. Zolarr, Elwyn's hunchbacked servant, acccuses Lloyd of Elwyn's murder, but Lloyd claims it was self-defense. Lloyd's niece Gayle and her fiance Harper soon find that Elwyn's evil influence is still at work.

The twin of a kindly small-town physician returns from the grave for vengeance against his brother, who secretly killed him because the twin served Satan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fallon O (ru) wrote: I didn't really like it. I only like movies that are "happily ever after" and I thought it would of been good if in the end they fell in love & ended up together. He didn't seem that gay, at least not compared to the rest of them. And hey - a woman able to turn a man straight sounds pretty impressive!

Amira M (gb) wrote: not comparable with OMEN

Benny B (gb) wrote: Why Al, Why??? Tony Montana would be rolling over in his grave!!! Say hello to my piece of shit film!!!

Joe C (ca) wrote: I sought this movie out once I found out that one of my favorite movies, The Departed was the remake of this movie. I really liked this movie and many of my favorite scenes from The Departed are shot for shot from the original version. While I may be bias I do believe that the Remake is a better film. Sure it benefitted from having over 80 million dollars more in it's budget, and world class actors. However, I think the additional characters that were added such as Mark Whalberg's character, and the better story telling (lot of flashbacks in IA) makes The Departed a more solid film in my opinion. Having said that I think this movie is fantastic and if you enjoyed The Departed you should check it out.

Eduardo B (ca) wrote: I've seen it, but I have to rewatch it

Richard S (au) wrote: Cheesy but charming. I've seen it about 100 times.

Wayne K (fr) wrote: For me, a movie that is outright crucified and called one of the most controversial films of all time upon release, deserves at least one viewing. Thankfully, once was more than enough when it came to viewing Caligula. Sitting through its entire 156 minutes was depressing, frustrating, infuriating and, despite the significant amount of graphic sex and nudity, not in the least bit arousing. With financing from legendary film producers Penthouse Magazine, it's no surprise that more effort was put into staging the orgies than directing the actors. Malcom MacDowell appears to be having fun as the titular character, with a lot of giggling and some very nasty glares, but he essentially has no idea what to do while he's on screen, nor do the other actors. Compounding this is the director's complete inability to construct a scene, with nary a sense of where to point the camera. Sequences end awkwardly, 90% of the people featured in it have no bearing on the plot, what little there is at least, and it's crammed full of poorly filmed and utterly irrelevant sex scenes which result in a horrendously protracted runtime. This story could have been told in about 10 minutes, and would have saved a lot of time, grief and money. It's not even worth going into historical inaccuracies, (Caligula was a very pleasant Emperor to begin with, and strongly detested his nickname) since they're the least of the films troubles. The entire thing is exploitative, incompetent, overlong, degrading and embarrassing. It's the kind of movie that makes you want to leap immediately into the shower after watching.

AAAA A (ag) wrote: Too bad "I thought you'd be too busy being my wife" doesn't work as a marriage proposal anymore. Also, the movie should've ended with "Huh, who would've thought that the indestructible man was destructible"

Indira S (ca) wrote: hands down to Lionel Barrymore :)