Dead of Night

Dead of Night

Four wealthy, middle-class friends (Clive Swift, Edward Petherbridge, Anna Cropper and Sylvia Kay) gather for a Christmas dinner in a country cottage only to find that the past will not rest while they feast.

A young man killed in Vietnam inexplicably returns home as a zombie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (br) wrote: This was very disappointing. While I think the premise had lots of potential, the final product just seemed like a chore to watch.

Bannoona (es) wrote: Not worth wasting your time..even Brad Pitt wasn't that good. Bill Pullman on the other hand was really cute ;-)

Greg D (gb) wrote: The ending saves it, but man is it sloppy.

Cori A (kr) wrote: It could've gone many different ways and was played out well. (October 13, 2010)

James H (br) wrote: A bunch of guys with too much testosterone do pointless and silly things for the sake of proving their tough manhood. Poorly acted, lame plot and misguided direction. Some good cinematography is the only plus.

CJ C (ag) wrote: Well-acted, suspenseful, but typical plot.

Brenda S (nl) wrote: Absolutely great action film and good acting on top of it! Really liked this movie a lot!

Tyson P (us) wrote: you either like darkman or hate it. overalll the whole trilogy in my opinion was pretty good. i love the old school way of making special effects with claymation or other lil' tricks. This last installment to the trilogy thankfuly stayed true the darkman style although lacked any really good action scenes. im happy that they however did not wreck the trilogy and ended on a good note. i'm sure eventually darkman will be remade and hopefuly succesfully. Still better than any spider man movie i'd say,

Private U (br) wrote: Mooi, geniale acteur...

Richard L (nl) wrote: What looks like a lousy rehash of Cat-Women of the Moon (Hilton 1953) is actually a remake that is worse than the original. The acting ranges from acceptable to laughable. Casting some contestants of the Miss Universe pageant doesn't help at all. The rock monsters really look like people in suits that have no idea where they're going. The storyline is astoundingly pointless. Sexism is still present (e. g. "Don't think, honey. Just be beautiful.").

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Wayne, Loren, and Brazzi; Lost in the Desert--Searching the Sahara for buried treasure!!

Chan L (ru) wrote: this film was a breakthrough in the technology but the whole film annoys me for how cruel the researchers were.the way they did the research is crazy n barbarian in today's standard. . shouldnt they know dat the big sea creatures will get killed if the engine gets too close? frankly i was a bit angry when i watched this film...

Colby H (es) wrote: Fast Five was the point in the franchise where the movies started to get better. This is the one that did everything right. It really gave this series hope. So after the team breaks Dom out of jail, they hide out in Rio. They are being hunted down by a team lead by Luke Hobbs. (Dwayne Johnson) So now, they must preform a heist to get the money and earn their freedom. Like what I said before, this movie is the highest the franchise has to offer. It had the most inventive story by-far, and it was the best decision to bring The Rock in. The movie of-course, has well choreographed car chases and action scenes, but this film perfectly blended them together, making a reasonable ratio of story, to action. Which makes it a truly good film.Over all, Fast Five was a really good time. The best in the franchise. 5/5 stars

Brian P (jp) wrote: Though you somewhat know what happened because this movie is based on true events, the unraveling of how it happened, or might have happened, makes "The Cokeville Miracle" a very interesting movie worthy of viewing. Some might want to end the movie with the explosion or soon after and might be bothered by the movie's slower third act where a sheriff investigator tries to unravel how it all happened, how no lives besides the perpetrators were lost. It was unbelievable to him and he desperately seeks answers.. Of course director T.C. Christensen takes a side and as this investigator struggles to find his faith, you know how it will all end. But this struggle will resonate with people as it did with me. And sometimes it isn't the tragedy/event itself and its immediate repercussions that are important, but how we wrestle with these events when, forgive the pun, long after the smoke has cleared. The acting performances were solid as was the direction.

Kullen S (br) wrote: A film everyone should see. Sorely underrated.