Dead of Night

Dead of Night

A young soldier is killed in the line of duty in Vietnam. That same night, he returns home, brought back by his mother's wishes. Upon his return, Andy sits in his room, refusing to see his friends or family, venturing out only at night...

When a Vietnam war casualty (Richard Backus) returns to his parents (John Marley, Lynn Carlin), he prowls in search of human blood. The Vampiric horror is secondary to the terror that comes from the disintegration of a typical American family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane L (es) wrote: Perhaps this movie's theme is over my head, but I found no humor in this. I really did not find anything endearing about this movie.

Angel D (us) wrote: I'm never adding another friend on facebook ever!

Jake C (mx) wrote: I saw Jeff Dunham live in Newport, Rhode Island, before this special had aired, and my friend and I loved it! The special was great, and I like Peanut's "Taste of China" bit, and I also liked seeing Achmed Junior and Little Jeff. A+!

Janine G (jp) wrote: Moving story that portrayed Spoken Word beautifully. The chemistry between that actors carried the film. I really enjoyed it!

James V (ca) wrote: Terrible acting and special effects

Nicola W (ag) wrote: Didn't think much of this, I watched it 2 weeks ago and forgot to review and now I can't remember what even happened. It was all a bit stupid, and the ending was rubbish.

Kyle C (us) wrote: Finally, Hollywood is back to making smartly written, well acted and absolutely stand up hilarious comedies. This is the 3rd or 4th in a row that just makes your stomach ache because you cannot stop laughing and Paul Rudd is easily becoming one of the funniest actors in Hollywood, if he wasn't already. He plays a man named Peter Klaven who has great relationships with girls, but not so much with guys, so he goes on a best friend hunt. He finally meets a man named Sydney Fife and the 2 hit it off and hilarity ensues. The story has a heart and many many laughs so I recommend this to any comedy fan.

Warren M (nl) wrote: Makes you jump, but nothing special. Kudos for observing the line between scary and plain gory. Tyler and Speedman are great.

Michael S (mx) wrote: Wow. I'm really not sure what to say about this movie. It was soooo out there. I can't say I really liked it but Mark Jones knew what sort of film he wanted to create and went all out for it and I do appreciate a man seeing through his vision so intently and he created the movie he wanted to make. Personally though, if I had the skills to direct, I'd go for something a bit different.

Lesley N (jp) wrote: Japanese drama, though drama is the wrong word for such a lackadaisical plot. Plot is the wrong word too. Way too subtle for me.

Lacie B (gb) wrote: This takes place entirely in one room. If that doesn't bother you, then this film is watchable.

Kalibagwa S (br) wrote: i loved the movie so much only that if it hard ended with these two guys together,it would have been a sweet ending.

Damon B (it) wrote: Simon Birch has its moments of heart and touching moments but it gets to mushy and lacks creativty and borrows off of previouus feel good movies which in the end is a bad taste for anyone who watches this.

Philip S (de) wrote: Definite "chick flick". Interesting cast, but the dialogue... Can't even recall how it ends...

Richard L (ru) wrote: Visually stunning (sets, costumes, stunts), with a great cast, but there are some weaknesses in the directing, as everything looks overly acted and some scenes feel clumsy. For a 140 minutes-long movie, there are surprisingly few explanations and character development. Many of the supporting characters are barely named in passing. Transitions from different parts of the movie often occur with little to no context, which impairs the understanding of the storyline.

Olli P (mx) wrote: This was better than I ever expected. One of the only long fighting episodes where I haven't get bored. Knowing now how Western man has oppressed original population all over the world and is still doing that, it was somehow refreshing to see this almost documentary movie of proud Africans soldiers beating the modern British army full of false confidence and feeling of superiority. Saying this, I am also sad that human beings seem still to drive themselves into the conflicts with each other and nature everywhere and that they seem not have too much other means than violence and destructive acts to solve these conflicts - regardless of the ethnic origin.

jay n (kr) wrote: Enjoyable if standard western has high production values and competent direction. A very good cast makes it fine of it's type but all have appeared in better films then this one. A pleasant time waster nothing more.

Harry W (mx) wrote: Based on the real life story of Eminem and serving as the origin of the song "Lose Yourself", 8 Mile sounded like an exciting hip hop movie.Following the traditional underdog sports movie formula, 8 Mile is essentially a hip hop remake of Rocky. The parallels are interesting because the film embraces not just the sport-related narrative but also the gritty edge of what it is to be living on the 8 Mile road. In that sense, there is elements of familiarity in the story. The underdog tale was established long ago with the release of Rocky, but so many films that attempt to mimic it make the mistake of forgetting to bring along the gritty edge of Rocky Balboa's personal life. In 8 Mile, Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith Jr. is given his own story of failure and regret which leads him to being condemned to a life at 8 Mile Road. Though it feels familiar and is perhaps a bit slow at times, the setup is inspired by Eminem's real life experiences which makes the reality of the already gritty atmosphere all the more powerful, therefore ensuring that the tale has greater inspiration and dramatic heft than the average film. 8 Mile is definitely a modern day Rocky, and the use of hip-hop music and rap battles instead of training montage music and boxing matches, therefore making an appeal for modern audiences really well. The scenery itself is very dry thanks to on-location footage, with a grey colour scheme and all kinds of dilapidated derelict buildings. This ensures that viewers get a really good sense of the harsh reality of living on the 8 Mile Road which effectively keeps a grim atmosphere consistent over the course of the film. Curtis Hanson has a strong eye for imagery and it works to the benefit of 8 Mile without the man having to emphasize too much, but it ultimately plays second fiddle to his genuine passion for telling Eminem's life story through the medium of B-Rabbit's.The first time I watched 8 Mile, the film left me loving rap music so much that I decided to release a single of my own. And years later when returning to work on an EP, I turned to 8 Mile to try and feel the same inspiration again. Admittedly the film lost some of its impact the second time around as most films do, but as the film progressively got closer to the final rap battles I tried to keep up with them by delivering rhymes of my own in the privacy of my own room. And frankly, I came up with the best lyrics in a long time, so the inspirational power of 8 Mile is impossible to ignore. Of course not everyone is going to have the improvised freestyle session that I had, the inspiring message that anyone can be a rapper and that the music is a path for both free expression and out of a life that condemns one to be another rusty cog in a machine is full of undeniable spirit.8 Mile is a film which commercializes hip-hop music on a Hollywood level without overdoing it, ensuring that the story maintains a strong depiction of just what it takes to craft the form of music with all the genuine inspiration to keep moving forward, the conflicting rap battles to really challenge the artists and the long periods of waiting around and just writing down thoughts in an attempt to make them rhyme and fit the beat. This what it really takes to be a musician, so 8 Mile's reality comes from so many angles. And its soundtrack is just great, with everything from the rap battles to the song "8 Mile" itself. But of course, nothing transcends the power of the Academy Award winning credits song "Lose Yourself" which has become arguably Eminem's most definitive song.Eminem is the heart of everything in 8 Mile, and in his leading debut as an actor he proves to capture his role perfectly. Eminem plays himself so naturally like he is reliving everything he has suffered through, everything he talks about in his songs. As a result, the performance is nothing short of biographical. He never seems artificial, he is never short on charisma, but best of all it is impossible not to root for him. With all his human error and mistakes, B-Rabbit remains a realistic portrait of Eminem's real life self for better and for worse. He has a real edge to him which proves to show how well he can maintain himself in harsh situations, but he also has an attitude which is not always friendly. He is very real, faults and all. And since the character is an aspiring hip-hop artist, Eminem is able to put his natural musical talents into the role. The rap battle sequences are the best in the film. Even though Eminem nails the cinematic drama and shares powerful chemistry with every surrounding actor, the man is a rap artist first and he makes that clear in 8 Mile. His words flow so organically with swift brute strength and speed, and the spirit of it all is impossible not to embrace. Eminem's rap skills are made into cinematic performance art for 8 Mile, and it is truly a magnificent thing to witness as he ties the entire film together.Mekhi Phifer adds a strong supporting effort to the story. His character is not exactly the most challenging one, but as the best friend of B-Rabbit he provides a natural sense of support for the man in a world which leaves him to walk alone. The two share some strong interactions which maintain a dramatic edge that boasts a strong underlying relationship, and it proves to supply Eminem scenes where he can truly delve into the character and express his vulnerability among other things. So Mekhi Phifer is very likable and helps to bring out the best in Eminem.Kim Basinger is also great. In her first role in many years, Kim Basinger easily manages to capture the sense of hopeless self-indulgence of Stephanie easily. Living without any meaning or hope for herself, Kim Basinger is able to easily achieve a sense of lifelessness in the role without it being on any sort of shallow level. There are restrained elements about her which prove more emotional and therefore that she does have feeling in her, so the balance between emotional life and death in the character is effective. Kim Basinger pulls a really good effort in 8 Mile, and her chemistry with Eminem really boasts a strong sense of conflict.So 8 Mile is predictable and a bit slow, but the inspiring rap music story boasts a gritty atmosphere, awesome soundtrack and excellent leading performance from Eminem.

Ian M (it) wrote: I would have found this movie so much more amusing if it didn't use street lingo "fam" "blood" "bruv". I'm not even lying! Lol. Annoying, but entertaining to an extent.

Jairo A (kr) wrote: Man, where to start? Let's see...this guy eats Jason's heart and then he has to find some other person where this weird snake/alien type creature must enter their body. Huh??? Why?This is definitely the worse movie of the series, no competition! It doesn't even feel like a Friday the 13th movie. Also, it wasn't scary AT ALL! I'm not sure what they were going for with this one...clueless. Anyway, I rate this one 3/10 OR 1.5/5 Feel free to skip this one!