Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer

The working class twin sister of a callous wealthy woman impulsively murders her out of revenge and assumes the identity of the dead woman. But impersonating her dead twin is more complicated and risky than she anticipated.

After the funeral of her brother-in-law, Edith Phillips learns that Margaret de Lorca, her rich twin sister, had tricked her way into marriage with the man she also loved. So she kills Margaret and assumes her identity and life-style. However, her life becomes complicated by her late sister's sleazy boyfriend, Tony Collins and Sgt. Jim Hobbson, a Los Angeles detective who loved the "dead" Edith. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dead Ringer torrent reviews

Igor A (nl) wrote: Pacino e neverojaten!

Rachel H (ca) wrote: cute, great chick flick

James D (au) wrote: Will wait till video though

Alexis L (es) wrote: I thought Selena Gomez and Joey King were the perfect sisters.

Drew G (es) wrote: surprisingly somewhat funny movie..which probably wouldn't be that funny if the mother didn't remind me exactly of my own mom. She says some things that are word-for-word out of my Mom's mouth.

Ed B (nl) wrote: Why do you think this is titled 'Young Adam'?

Manpreet R (fr) wrote: I loved this movie. SRK is amazing and the team of him and Juhi is amazing. And the storyline and songs are fantastic.

Patrick W (de) wrote: This Japanese fantasy/action/period piece is pretty interesting. The idea for the film is good, the script is meh, and the acting is decent but it just seemed to be so slow in the beginning only to hit the after burners to the end. It was just cut together oddly and the dragging and speeding up of the film here and there was just too much.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Lord of the Flies gets a campground setting and an anti authoritarian streak to it. I enjoyed it as a kid, but it's still a low budget affair that is far from essential viewing. It is fun to see former Chicago Cub Chuck Connors as the camp director, whose character is not long for this Earth.

John C (es) wrote: "Es que no lo oleis? Pues yo s... Huele que apesta! Dios se ha disfrazado de Marlene Dietrich y se tapa la nariz."

Samuel B (de) wrote: Simplicity yet hilarious. Do yourself a favor and watch!

Andrey B (br) wrote: The beautiful premise but very bad and confusing execution. At the end it doesn't even look like a horror movie but some sort of a bad melodrama.

Brian B (nl) wrote: Very good movie, and a very sad reality..

Jessica K (ag) wrote: It makes everybody believe in magic. Nobody could of suspected the twist in this movie. It makes people want to do magic and learn all the tricks of it.

Mike W (mx) wrote: Prince rocks in this film!