Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers

Elliot, a successful gynecologist, works at the same practice as his identical twin, Beverly. Elliot is attracted to many of his patients and has affairs with them. When he inevitably loses interest, he will give the woman over to Beverly, the meeker of the two, without the woman knowing the difference. Beverly falls hard for one of the patients, Claire, but when she inadvertently deceives him, he slips into a state of madness.

The movie centers on Elliot and Beverly Mantle, identical twins and gynecologists who frequently sub for each another professionally and even personally by sharing one another's lovers. They take full advantage of the fact that nobody can tell them apart, until their relationship begins to deteriorate over a woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark D (de) wrote: It was enjoyable. Stallone had some good tough guy humour. Not one of his most remember able roles but it wasn't bad.

Alex P (fr) wrote: Amazing documentary on my favorite Beatle

Adam D (kr) wrote: Average Disney Live Action fare, what I've seen of it :(

Loren W (mx) wrote: Great to get high and watch, just foolishness.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: This well-made second chapter of Soderbergh's two-part epic, centered now on Che in the Bolivian guerrilla, is more objective than the first one and does a better job to portray the character more as a man than a hero, which helps make it a slight improvement over Part 1.

Scott W (au) wrote: I suppose "whimsical" is the best word to describe this. If you go for just the visuals and the music it's good. The story doesn't stand up to much examination.

Mike P (mx) wrote: As far as movies and the make-believe world go, this one actually has some entertainment value. Monica Bellucci is a talented actress. The movie's theme is revealed at the end in French as "Le temps detruit tout," which means "Time destroys everything." This theme is flawed, because the victims in the movie do not become victims due to the passage of time, but rather because they had poor judgment, weak consistency and spirit, and poor decision-making ability. However, these are universal qualities common to ALL humans, so their only mistake is being human. The ending, which is presented at the beginning of the movie, is unjust, painfully unrealistic, and sends the wrong message about people who underestimate the power of the mentally disturbed and the truly diabolical individuals among us who go entirely undetected. The REAL theme of this movie is as follows: Before you blindly try to avenge yourself or a loved one who has been wronged by someone armed only with your rage, your delusions of grandeur, and a false sense of confidence and courage induced by drugs and alcohol, make sure your friends are there to save your rear-end -- literally.

Kasey C (fr) wrote: Life as a House. It was a little shaky the whole way through, plenty of unnecessary stuff and it made you feel emotional but a good movie overall. Any pompous critic will call it a manipulative tearjerker (just like what it says on the tomatometer) and then immediately dismiss it, but even with two actors that I cannot stand (Hayden Christensen/Jena Malone) it's still and okay flick. Hated the first 15 minutes, unreal ending. 5.5/10

Jeff T (nl) wrote: Great gangster movie. A look into the life and story of the "King of New York" Christopher Walken portrayed an interesting character. Laurence Fishburne was hilarious.

Eric B (gb) wrote: If you're smitten with Anna Karina and/or Serge Gainsbourg, "Anna" is a must-see. Otherwise, skip it. The plot is simple and stupid: A fashion photographer (Jean-Claude Brialy) accidentally snaps a picture of Karina's mousy character, and becomes obsessed with finding this exquisite vixen whom he can't identify. Turns out she's his own employee, and he's too dumb to realize this because she's not wearing her usual Clark Kent glasses in the shot. Most of the film consists of the two leads just walking the streets, daydreaming about love and singing Gainsbourg's quirky pop tunes. Gainsbourg (with his usual devilish, cynical persona) also shows up onscreen to sing a bit, as does a young, gorgeous Marianne Faithfull. The best song: "Sous le Soleil Exactement."

Addie A (ru) wrote: Love this movie! Just watched it in 4k! Pretty!

Roy L (ag) wrote: As gratuitous as it was, it showed lots of promise, and ended up just being mediocre. It's in the film's last 15-20 minutes when it really starts to come undone. A shame...

Pavan R (us) wrote: An average movie...fair storyline...well enacted...Rita Hayworth is fab....

Jeffrey E (ag) wrote: Powerful storytelling, beautiful direction and top notch acting from the entire cast. So rare do we view films where the child actors put in performances worthy of note, and in this film the young cast did just that. High recommend.