Dead Season

Dead Season

It has been over one year since the start of the outbreak. Our society has collapsed and the world has descended into chaos. Elvis and Tweeter are two of the last people left alive, and band together to flee the United States for a remote island somewhere in the Caribbean. On the island, they find a new community struggling to hold out against an army of corpses. They can join this band of survivors-- but only if they can do what must be done for the good of the group.

This is a story about Elvis and Tweeter who come across a guy who has vital keys to survive. When they set foot on a strange island, they are taken by a group of survivors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dead Season torrent reviews

Jessica S (nl) wrote: Muy buena! Para reflexionar el amor a la familia, amigos y pareja en vida.

Joseph R (ag) wrote: The "Batman and Robin" of Godzilla movies, complete with a monster who lacks (with the exception of his 160 foot stature) nearly every one of his iconic characteristics, physical or behavioral. Top that off with piss-poor performances from Matthew Broderick (who I normally like) and Maria Pitillo, brainless pop-cultural references (Siskel and Ebert, Star Wars, the Simpsons...), and scenarios and images borrowed from the far superior "Jurassic Park" franchise, and you get a motion picture that will disappoint Godzilla fans, critics, and frankly all but the most undiscerning filmgoers.

Shea A (fr) wrote: An exceptional piece of Canadian cinema!

Grant F (us) wrote: This movie won me over when one of the monsters lost a limb and was filled with sand!

Kyle O (br) wrote: Classic, but not the strongest movie ever.

Dan B (de) wrote: Remarkable Japanese docu-fantasy (no, really!) that reveals heaven as a benign bureaucracy that's more Capra than Kafka. Unfussy photography, beautiful performances and a bittersweet meditation on life, loss and memory. Action packed it isn't, but if you can handle the unhurried pace, you're in for a rare treat.