Dead Sign

Dead Sign

When art student Kangsheng returns to his remote hometown village with his classmates to search of ancient murals, they are witness to a fatal car accident. Kangsheng's girlfriend Wangzhi unintentionally interrupts the local witchcraft ritual for the deceased. Horrified, the group flee the scene and settle at the inn owned by Kangsheng's mother. The following day, out searching for murals, the group find instead a mysterious hand-painted sign in a cave. The surprises are only beginning.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Dead Sign 2013 full movies, Dead Sign torrents movie

When art student Kangsheng returns to his remote hometown village with his classmates to search of ancient murals, they are witness to a fatal car accident. Kangsheng's girlfriend Wangzhi ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marvin M (gb) wrote: Moneyball is probably in the top ten baseball movies of all time. This movie is exactly the opposite of Moneyball. I'm ok with that. Scouts are a huge part of the game. They protect the future of the team. However, this guy might be the the worst scout ever. The chemistry between the crew is really bad. Most of the time Clint Eastwood look uncomfortable with Amy Adams. Clint looked awkward with his own son Scott. Like neither of them wanted to be there. Clint might be hitting the point where his name is worth more than his talent.

Takuya M (gb) wrote: MEIEN CINESALON, 2013/4/12

Octavian (es) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

Isaiah S (ca) wrote: Actually, I think I have seen this already...

Robert C (gb) wrote: While very thoughtfully made, this has to be one of the most depressing films that I've seen in a long time. As if the blatant homophobia and prejudice were not depressing enough...the fact that the "bars" that these folks relish and take refuge in are often little more then rundown houses or shacks with a strobe light, beer cooler and a CD player was just heartbreaking. So desperate for a place to "fit in" and make some sort of honest connection with like minded people, these folks were just happy to be anywhere where they could be themselves. But I was more then a little amazed that in such a repressed part of the country that nearly every gay or lesbian shown in this film was "off the charts" on the gay meter. We are talking Flaming Boys/Men, Raging Drag Queens, and some pretty Butch Lesbians. Not that I'm advocating hiding who you are. I just feel that if I were living in an area where my life could be at stake for "being who I am" I think I would make more of an effort to "blend in" or move to somewhere more civilized. Let the bigots and the Jesus freaks have the backwoods! My main problem with the film is that I didn't feel that the point came across as clearly as it needed to, about how all of the negative aspects of "gay lifestyle" that the bigots and hypocrites always seem to focus on (promiscuity, infidelity, drugs, etc.) are for the most part just a prevalent in "hetero lifetyles" as well. I guess as documentaries does it's job for the most part. It makes you think.

J K (de) wrote: I might watch this one...when I'm in rehab and I've got a few hours to kill between my couseling session and my crochet class.

Manny C (kr) wrote: Golf never really makes for a compellnig movie subject, barring Tin Cup and maybe Caddyshack, if that counts. Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius shows why. How much fun could be generated from watching Jim Caviezel win golf tournaments as Bobby Jones? The movie is basically as flat as a tortilla, with only mildly interesting elements that just serve as cruel suggestions of what a great movie Bobby Jones' story could have been. In 1930 alone Jones won the U.S. Amateur, the U.S. Open. the British Amateur and The British Open--and it's still an unmatched achievement. Director Rowdy Herrington keeps things lively during Jones' scenes with sportswriter O.B. Keeler (Malcolm McDowell) and his main golf rival Walter Hagen (Jeremy Northam, the movie's most interesting character). Jones himself retired at the age of twenty-eight and never went pro, and Caviezal does a rather swell job of making sure we see any shred of real human nuance in this subject who is treated pretty much like a saint in the Jones family-approved screenplay. Little effort is made to explore any of Jones' real-life complications, save for the pain he endured from a spinal disorder taht led him to quit golf. The end result is tv movie goo.

Eric T (fr) wrote: All these people reviewing these movies are dinosaurs that are out of touch and consider themselves connoisseurs of the film industry. A movie must meet certain standards to be good and their pretentious bullshit lists have very skewed and antiquated things like made in the 1960's with a boring story-line and have some lasting effect on a generation that decided it was a good idea to bomb a group of people with a fucking atom bomb. There always have been, are, and will be stupid people. Unfortunately we must live with them. And that is the greatest challenge of life.

Private U (nl) wrote: This movie is whacked! i am never going to trust twins ever again. Awesomly warped to watch.

Carlos I (kr) wrote: A pretty cool little crime drama about a mob doctor. Maybe it's just elevated by Duchovney...

Logan M (nl) wrote: While it loses points for its blatant inaccuracies, "Amadeus" makes up for it by going the extra mile by doing more than tell the story of someone's life. It touches on themes of obsession and censorship, something you wouldn't expect a biopic to do.

Bill C (de) wrote: The original - and still the best - miniseries from Kenneth Johnson!! Huge spaceships appear hovering over all the major cities of the world. Soon, we are introduced to The Visitors, who have come for our help. But, their true nature is yet to be revealed. Our scientists become a target of ridicule and are being hunted one by one. What are The Visitors really hiding? They are searching for a new food source - US!!! Marc Singer leads the cast as a cameraman who discovers their true nature!! Excellent story with a morality tale hidden beneath!!

James H (ag) wrote: 3.5/10. AKA: Black Hooker. The basic storyline is good, it's putting that on to film that did not work. In more capable hands it could have been a fine film, but as it is, the acting is horrible, the director has no clue as to what he is doing, and the production values are poor. Cheaply made and it looks it. Good material, bad treatment.

Dennis K (de) wrote: Another Dacascos classic :)