Dead Sleep

Dead Sleep

A nurse uncovers the terrifying truth about a renowned doctor whose patients have become permanently maimed by his special dose of a drug called "Dead Sleep."

Young nurse investigates suspicious deaths in a psychiatric ward. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tero H (br) wrote: Well done, atmospheric kung fu action film, but too simple and one-dimensional story.Pluses and minuses for this movie I purchased on DVD:+ the fight scenes are very well done and there are five or six of them- but the story unfolds in a manner which is a bit unclear+ the characters have a history and the acting is all right- but the story is one-dimensional + the Chinese atmosphere and the film's score is great- but the fight scenes have hardly any unarmed combat and two of them are quite short+ The images of the chinese countryside and sets in general are well done- but very few of them are utilized to the full extent, it was possible even to produce more atmosphere

Gavin P (ru) wrote: A decent action film, but it doesn't really add anything to the Bourne franchise and has nothing new or interesting - except a wolf fight (which was done in 'The Grey', one year earlier). Renner is fine as Aaron (is he in every franchise now? Marvel, Mission Impossible, Bourne, 28 Days/Weeks Later...), another "program participant", along with Jason Bourne (#5 - 005?) and #3 ('Poe Dameron'), but everyone else is conveniently wiped out. The CIA links are tenuous and Norton is wasted as the chief hunter. Weisz is OK, but isn't really suited to the damsel-in-distress role anymore. Good motorbike chase scene, but very weak ending - took over 2 hours to get to and obvious and non-exciting conclusion.

Sandrine T (jp) wrote: Alzhemeir (do i spell wrong?) is a nightmare disease in a family. Why is it like that, because if you have husband or wife suddenly didnt recognize you, forget your own child.. how would you feel whereas you had fought hard to gain his or her feeling before?? But this movie taught that this disease neednt to be scared of because love can fight against it... Yeah until years..

Michael G (ru) wrote: This is not really a movie you see. It is giving time for God to take a transparent look at you. It is also a gift, as it lets you examine what is truly important in life. These monks live there lives in the presence of God and say very little. When in wonder, there is little to say. Their lives testify to the world of the coming day when the world will fall silent in the presence of Christ. Some may call this a silent film. It is certainly not. God has a lot to say during it.

Tiago G (fr) wrote: Eastwood not always does it for me, but when he does bring his A game you get movies like this. It's one of those films where you'll be left inspired and blue witnessing the triumph and fall of the main character. It is a human story, with human emotions for people who appreciate the human side of film.

Jonathan R (de) wrote: Incredibly sad, yet somehow hopeful. Five star drama about an obese man dealing with the loss of his mother and a crush on a girl who doesn't feel the same way.

Kjetil H (de) wrote: Faen s jvle irriterende de disse romantiske komediene ass! Denne intet unntak,hvem liker dette,imbesilt tv som fremkaller brekninger og hodepine! Syke Satan for no dritt!!

Jace L (es) wrote: A great film, albeit flawed, Last Tango in Paris is filled with great performances from Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando.

Justin E (fr) wrote: Freaky little movie.

Justin R (es) wrote: Fantastic silent melodrama. These mofos can act with their faces, no doubt!

James C (mx) wrote: It's the cast that carries this cut-and-paste film. I wanted to like it more, yet ended up liking the actors more and wanting better for them.

Hunter W (ag) wrote: This film is a joy to watch with Will Ferrell at his most charming... and innocent.

Ayrton Anthony C (gb) wrote: Puntaje Original: 7.0Una pelcula digna para el mximo lder de la historia despus de Cristo.

Jacky L (mx) wrote: now this one was predictable-formulaic yes, but at least it was immensely likable. likable characters too (well, 'cept for one or two)