Dead Space

Dead Space

Phaebon had been thought to be a safe and controlled research facility until a distress signal calls for Commander Kreiger and his robot Tinpan. Together, they try to save the planet from a spreading virus and an odd and growing cocoon. Remake of "Forbidden World" (1982).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   fire,   remake,  

A deadly virus attacks the crew of a Saturn space station. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dead Space torrent reviews

Nikolai H (us) wrote: If only I'd come here to read reviews instead of going off of the top reviews on Netflix and wasting my time with this. I'm giving it a star for an original premise and a second star for some genuinely exciting scenes. I made it all the way through to the lackluster end. But really, for such an exciting concept they managed to make this very dull and repetitive. There are some inexcusably weak/unbelievable plot points which ruined it for me, and I don't usually scrutinize that much!

Sophia M (ru) wrote: Want 2 see it but i think it looks quite sad:'(

Matt R (us) wrote: If Billy Zane wasn't there I wouldn't of sat through through this twaddle... (but it was ok-ish). The two Russians where god awful, brought a new meaning to 'wooden acting'... (...and the ending seemed a little bit er... 'botched'?)

Arusa S (gb) wrote: hey, this movie is better than I thought, very funny

bill s (au) wrote: Make it interesting and intense and Spielberg does that and then some in this well made thriller.

Manal S (nl) wrote: I have seen so many Dogme films but I can wholeheartedly say that Open Hearts "Elsker dig for evigt" (2002) is my favorite and the closest to my heart.Cecilie (Sonja Ritcher) is a cook in her early twenties who is deeply in love with and also recently engaged to Joachim (Nikolaj Lie Kaas). Their relationship is put to test when Joachim becomes paralyzed for life after a car accident. The woman who was driving the car (Paprika Steen) feels obliged to help the couple and pushes her husband Niels (Mads Mikkelsen) to comfort Cecilie, unaware of the devastating outcome.. Niels falls in love with Cecilie.The thing about Dogme films is that they are capable of putting you in a very close position to the characters, almost in a crude way. Susanne Bier uses this honesty to gently place us inside the most closed space: the human psyche. Open Hearts does not just slam you with naked reality and intimate details - it does not want to shock you like most Dogme films, it takes you gently by the hand and allows you the same amount of confusion and indeterminateness the characters are feeling. And it does that equally; you can never blame any of the four protagonists even in their lowest moments because it is raw human emotions they are showing and simultaneously you are experiencing.The film could leave you melancholic or hopeful, it depends on how you see it, but what I am well sure of is that it will give you no closure, no answers, no relief of any kind - and this is so heartbreaking, just like life itself. It puts you in direct contact with the awful/beautiful fact that despite its intensity and realness sometimes, all the spectrum of human emotions is transient. My eyes teared up at the end of the film, not because I felt sorry for anyone or anything, but because I felt betrayed by the film's stark honesty. I wanted an ending to this emotional mess I have witnessed/experienced and instead I was left clueless and disillusioned in the middle of nowhere.Okay, enough with this subjective philosophical rambling. Let's talk about some technical aspects.Although Bier breaks away with some of the Dogme rules, I thought the use of Super-8 camera to show short fantasy sequences is a brilliant touch to take you a few steps away from reality and bring you even closer to the characters. Anders Thomas Jensen's script is gripping and flows effortlessly even when characters do not say a word, which leads us to the carefully chosen and amazing cast. I personally think that a great deal of the genius of the performance in this film comes from Bier herself and the kind of free yet intimate atmosphere she has provided for her actors. She does not aim at getting the best angles or making them look attractive, she only allows them the freedom to be themselves no matter how that would look like.

Giovanni M (fr) wrote: An interesting premise is wasted on a lukewarm script and bland execution.

Trista J (mx) wrote: Kyra Sedgwick makes this! It has it's ups and downs but all-in-all it's an OK movie.

Prince S (br) wrote: Philip K. Dick's novel "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" was a masterpiece in science fiction genre, an adaptation of it was an expanse entertainer. Director Paul Verhoeven made every moment lively and exciting throughout, with a stimulation screenplay the movie gets high and high on every moment with its spark-tone of visuals and dark humor of the actors. Arnold's expressive acting style and story's mind bending lines make us not to leave it behind. Coming to the plot, it was a elegant complex story which throws out some satirical snaps out of it with leaving us to make out what was dream and what was reality.Great movie in its genre, but it has the potential to go larger extent with its complex concept.

Jordan H (au) wrote: This movie was really funny and the best cheerleading movie I've ever seen

Danny R (es) wrote: A homeless con artist is approached by two billionaire brothers who make a bet that they can take a privileged person (Aykroyd) and trade places with the poor Eddie Murphy and see who succeeds. This is comedy at its best.

Ben H (fr) wrote: Amazing cast but weak on so many levels, so much so Hopper disowned the cut that was released. That said it is worth a look for the cast, but Hopper's New Jersey accented hitman is so lame, the plot is so weak it plays like a TV movie, Price is so underused and the Foster/Hopper relationship so unbelievable that this is an unfortunate turkey.

Gemina P (ag) wrote: Will watch it! With a current 56% rating of flixter users who liked it, maybe it's worth watching.