Dead Tone

Dead Tone

Finals at the prestigious University of Dreyskill are finally over and it's time to party. "The Crew", as they are known by their peers and dorm mates, are invited to a rich classmate's ...

Finals at the prestigious University of Dreyskill are finally over and it's time to party. However, the party turns deadly for a group of college students at a mansion when they dial a mad man for a prank phone call. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah A (it) wrote: Good movie when I was a kid and it still is now. Thank you Pixar for making this movie so amazing

Kavivarma R (kr) wrote: Damn gempak la the movie!!!

morris d (it) wrote: to be a robot movie they need to have more robots involved. the father son part of this movie is just a joke. this movie is just a sad rehash of Stallones movie Over the Top. at least Stallones movie made you care about the characters. this is just a waste of two hours of my life that i can never get back.

Guido S (mx) wrote: Kevin Hart ends up owning an airline after a settlement, so he makes one like he wants. With purple paint job, spinners, hydraulics, on-boarding instructions as a music video and so on. The cast is good from Kevin Hart to Snoop Lion (nee Dogg), Method Man, Tom Arnold, Sophia Vergara, Monique, and on and on. Basically this is Friday mixed with Airplane, it is silly, not meant to be taken seriously. It is enjoyable, has a lot of funny moments. The plot is pretty dumb, but that's not why you're watching a movie like this. Pretty underrated all these years later, not sure why.

Bjrn T (ag) wrote: is this the right cover for this movie? :) the story checks out alright though... a good movie but it takes something else to make it great.

Scott B (jp) wrote: Watched this last night on Netflix. Been awhile since I've seen it. Classic Glenn Ford, Sidney Poitier and Anne Francis (she was a babe). Way ahead of it's time. It's funny to see a young Jamie Farr (billed as Jameel Farah), he barely has a line in it, mostly just smiles like an idiot. Still a great film.