On September 28th, 1994, two Swedish men robbed a bank in the small Norwegian town of Larvik. Soon, with a massive police hunt underway, the robbers ended up taking two civilians and two police officers hostage. Next morning the drama would come to a deadly halt at nearby Torp Airport, where for the first time in history, a Norwegian police chief was forced to give the order to shoot to kill.

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Deadline torrent reviews

Paul A (fr) wrote: Definitely worth watching to see the truth behind the origins of the Occupy movement.

Mary H (jp) wrote: pathetic, inaccurate rendering of a subject far beyond the scope of this cretin heavy cast and mentors. Idiots know little about Greystone, even less so its patients. So son of famous, rich guy decides to go ghost hunting?!!! Go back home, little boy, you know not what of which you speak.

Tom H (it) wrote: a run of the mill average forgettable so called thriller, the acting is good. but the story is way to thin to make any kind of suspense.

Bruno M (ru) wrote: OMG! WTF?!!!!!!! this movie has good reviews!??????????? wtf, i hated this movie, its so bad, its the worst prison movie i saw.

Armando P (fr) wrote: This flicks are over-the-top and pretty underrated.

Pete W (mx) wrote: Buttgereit returned in 1993 with his first movie blown up to 35mm Shramm. This followed a very popular Hollywood theme of the time, the jaded mind of the serial killer. However as you would expect it was far removed from the glossy likes of Jonathan Demme??s Silence Of The Lambs (1991). It does however pass a nod at films such as John McNaughton??s Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1986) and Richard Kern??s short super eightThe film follows the exploits of Luther Shramm (Florian Koener Von Gustorf) the Lipstick Killer. Schramm is first introduced dying at the bottom of a stepladder he has just fallen off. Trying to paint the walls free of bloodstains from two Jehovah's Witnesses he has just despatched. (Well you can??t help feeling sorry for him). The narrative is dealt with in disjointed flashback with events leading to this seen through Schramm's dying brain. Schramm has struck up a friendship with Marianne (Monika M again) the prostitute next door. He is a taxi driver and she wants him to wait for her whilst she visits clients she is unsure about. The use of strong female roles is inherent in Buttgereits films and has surprisingly rewarded him with a large pro feminist following. Marianne is later drugged back at Schramm's apartment and we are shown just how sick a pup he really is. He uses her comatose body and in a scene that would have any man cringing, eventually nails his penis to a table with a club hammer.Visually Schramm is a roller coaster ride of depravity ending with Marianne left tied up awaiting certain death at the hands of her sinister clients. The anti-hero being unable to save her this time. Schramm at the point of death is seen being cast out of heaven by Christ. The austere Teutonic soundtrack by Max Muller and Gundula Schmitz permeates the film adding to its surreal and disturbing mood.

Gena D (nl) wrote: not sure. rave reviews though.

Benjamin W (fr) wrote: An interesting piece with an interesting presentation: a series of encounters with a wandering woman who was found dead in a ditch. The interview format seems slightly documentary-like, but with enough narrative in-between to get a feel for this nomadic character.

Jared T (ru) wrote: I watch a lot of movies I work at blockbuster after all and i'm not disappointed by many movies...but, this one was severely disappointing compared to the first one. The whole movie was all over the place, three different plots converging into one but in not much detail at all, and the music was despicable for a dance movie. Although it was fitting to most of the dance routines...overall just a bad movie.