Deadline Auto Theft

Deadline Auto Theft

After the attempted theft of his daughter's husband's car, LAPD Captain Gibbs declares war on master car thief Maindrian Pace, whose insurance investigation company provides the perfect front. A South American drug lord pays Pace and his team to steal 48 cars for him, so they set out on the job while the police frantically try to track him down. Their efforts pay off when Pace's boss double-crosses him and tips them off on his next job. Police pursue Pace in "Eleanor", the last of the cars needed to fulfill their contract, through southern California as he tries to get away.

After the attempted theft of his daughter's husband's car, LAPD Captain Gibbs declares war on master car thief Maindrian Pace, whose insurance investigation company provides the perfect ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott C (au) wrote: It's funny....I didn't even know Ricky Jay was a magician... I just knew him from P.T. Anderson movies! Turns out he's one of the greatest illusionists of all time! And this is a wonderful doc about his life.

RayNormanBateman (ag) wrote: The title is a bit misleading but it was still an enjoyable anime. Batman is barely in this and it is mainly about the coming of supergirl more than anything. There are a lot of interesting and cool bits but overall something was still missing. I thought the anime was good, although it seems to get quite bad feedback.

Facebook U (ca) wrote: Excellently done. Funny characters all. Really fabulous but not as good as Coraline, storywise. There are some school overused clichs though. Here I noticed a lot of good humour with one other snag, the pilgrims are contrite. It makes it look like they whitewash their murder of past, and the witch is like evil but easily turned around. But it is a child film and there is humour in these facts as well.

Wrik S (au) wrote: A good watch, simply because its a slap on the face of those people, who get this itch of 'experimenting' with their married lives..

Maverick G (mx) wrote: I am legend excels by conveying the theme of isolation and a decent performance from Will Smith, but the cgi "infected" don't look real or scary enough to pose a real threat and the writing is wooden.

Ryan S (mx) wrote: 4/5. The first half is pretty much the most terrifying experience I have watching a movie. The second half isn't quite as riveting, but all in all, The Descent is one hell of a scary movie.

Jimmy P (ag) wrote: Another stunning, hypnotic deeply thoughful and provocative film that can be interpreted in many ways. Stunning photography and lingering images to make you think about our existence and society.

Austin S (br) wrote: They found an excuse to make a mindless-action flick in a classic video game. It's an insult to the franchise and doesn't come close to capturing the heart of the original game.

Shantel D (mx) wrote: Really well done, and relatively interesting. The actors did great! Though it was a good movie, I probably won't watch it again because it is a little too long for what it is.

Jared S (au) wrote: SHAUN THE SHEEP review- Holy crap, why is like every stop motion movie I see amazing (besides The Boxtrolls). Shaun the Sheep is about a flock of sheep and a herding dog who kidnap their owner and send him from his small farm into the big city far away, but realizing their mistake after the farm becomes chaos, they decide they need to find him and get him back. Now, this movie is stop motion clay, and has NO DIALOGUE WHATSOEVER. Only grunts and gibberish, along with the AMAZING score are present; this leaves almost everything to what film is all about: visual storytelling. This movie blew me away with its pitch perfect animation (seriously my mouth hung open at some of the scenery and backdrops) very expressive expressions, both facially and bodily, and just this innocent charm to it all. Did I mention the animation? Because it's incredible, I can't say it enough. The story is tight, but often predictable, with flawlessly timed comedic moments, but... okay, I am a fan of all comedy; dirty, clean, and in between, but some of the dirty jokes don't fit in with the harmlessness of the story and setting interactions. I mean, this film wasn't trying to be pretentious or unnecessary deep, and you can tell. Usually when someone thinks of a kids film that appeals to adults, they think of some hidden messages and thought provoking themes, but sometimes there are movies like this that don't need any of that. All they need is fun, fascinating visuals, and offbeat storytelling, jokes, and charm. This film reminds me a lot of Fantastic Mr. Fox, where it just feels intimate and fresh. I'm giving Shaun the Sheep an 8/10.

Heather M (br) wrote: The cast was great in this. Some true stories are horribly sad and this is one of them.