Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante

Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante

Dr. Viren Goenka lives a very wealthy lifestyle in Bombay, along with his wife, Sanjana, and asthma-ridden daughter, Anishka. He has recently been declared 4 of 11 best Cardio surgeons in ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Dr. Viren Goenka lives a very wealthy lifestyle in Bombay, along with his wife, Sanjana, and asthma-ridden daughter, Anishka. He has recently been declared 4 of 11 best Cardio surgeons in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan K (de) wrote: Anyone who would keep those who are suffering terribly from a terminal disease from choosing to shorten their own agony is severely lacking in compassion and empathy. A heartbreaking and beautiful film, and why the hell don't we have Death With Dignity in California? Oh yeah...because most people cannot put themselves in anyone else's shoes, and choose instead to say stupid shit like "I'd keep fighting gosh darn it" from a position of perfect health...or else "suicide is giving up, pull yerself up by yer bootstraps, dad gummit." Lack of compassion, lack of brains, and a surplus of forcing their own viewpoints on others=opposition to this very humane law.

Sarah S (es) wrote: couldn't even finish the movie it was so boring!

Venetia D (ag) wrote: Bad movie, weak plot, not so great acting...

Anjul G (kr) wrote: contrary to expectations, this movie turned out to be surprisingly well made masala potboiler... and kaml haasan has really put in efforts to make this movie.. and they show!

Jennifer E (ru) wrote: Okay, since this is one of Romero's earlier films, it's was better than Martin. I can see why he stuck to making zombie movies. But I'm wondering if how the mask got on and off his face, was something symbolical of the mask we wear for other people each day?

Vanessa C (de) wrote: I always thought this could have been a little longer. Jean-Claude Van Damme playing a double version of himself.(well not himself, as a twins) Chad and Alex..One is tough and other not so tough. Chad and Alex are two brothers who were separated after birth when their parents were murder...... Sorry someone else would fill in the blanks about this movie.

Sarfara A (gb) wrote: I feel ridiculous having watched this good-for-nothing film. No purpose of the story, no character-buildup, no utilization of resources, although Bush Sr. might have approved of military resource-help for friendly countries to fight drug-cartels. This film's subject is extracted out of the speech by the Bush Sr. which can be seen in the opening of the film, on the said thing the film was probably based to show US involvement. A ridiculous film to end with bombarding of the goon-element who earlier in the film shot down couple of friends of Cage.

Troy S (es) wrote: Ok, in terms of filmmaking, this is a one star film. Horrible production values. The acting is................well, there is no acting. Just explosions. And the film makes no sense. But on the "so trashy it's fun scale," this is a 5 star movie! How could you resist a 3rd tier Robocop wannabe fighting chinese hopping vampires and ghosts? Throw in some zany drug cartel plot and you have a winner! Caution, don't go out and buy or rent this movie. You don't want the regret of spending money on this thing. But if you know somebody who has it, definatley borrow it!

Trinity C (de) wrote: Sounds interesting..

Bla G (mx) wrote: I think eat pray love is an amazing movie. It is so simplistic but that's what is beautiful about it. People are so wrapped up in violence, sex, action and humour but don't take a step back and really enjoy the simple things the simple sounds. I think the movie is brilliant beyond it's time.

Caitlin L (kr) wrote: Love Meryl Streep in this role. Love the story.

Private U (es) wrote: DO NOT RENT. this is the most boring movie I've ever seen.

Garrett W (mx) wrote: Once again, DC ruins what could have been a fantastic adaptation of classic Grant Morrison Batman comics. It has elements of his Batman and Robin series, and even some elements of his Batman Incorporated series. This movie has so many subplots!!! You have Damien's story continuing which is fine, but you also have the added Batwoman and Batwing storylines which are not well developed and kind of shoe horned into the film pointlessly, and not to mention the overall story of the film itself is basically 3 different comic storylines from Grant Morrison's Batman series! I would really appreciate it if DC stopped shitting on Grant Morrison's Batman storylines. He deserves better than that, and I want to see faithful adaptations of his work on Batman because he is one of my favorite Batman writers of all time. Please please please don't ruin Batman R.I.P. I'm personally getting tired of all the crappy Batman movies. I wish DC would do something different for a change with their animated movies.