Deadly Crossing: Part 1

Deadly Crossing: Part 1

When an influx of violent and ruthless heroin dealers descend on Seattle, Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal) leads an elite undercover squad of cops to bring them to justice. Tearing up the ...

When an influx of violent and ruthless heroin dealers descend on Seattle| Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal) leads an elite undercover squad of cops to bring them to
justice. Tearing up the rulebook| Kane and his crack team of law enforcers storm the city streets to clean out the drug barons by any brutal means necessary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Deadly Crossing: Part 1 torrent reviews

Ramon A (ag) wrote: One of the best movies of last year & my Blu-Ray pick of the week. Reviewed negatively because of it's truth telling. But the performances are top notch, especially by Alexander Siddig who plays a father who just wants to live and let live, and direction by Julian Schnabel is perfect. Sure to be ignored by the academy due to politics and ignorance. But treat yourself & learn something. Pick up Miral.

Alex K (kr) wrote: I like a good British gang movie, but this just didnt seem to grip me like others. its a film with a good idea but just not delivered in an effective fashion.

Alex P (br) wrote: I liked it! Jim are Ewan did really great job acting together! I believe thier roles and the story. It's based off by a true story and that's what I think helps make the movie good. I love how you follow this character Jim carrey plays and just can't tell if he is lieing or telling the truth. It's a funny movie at parts, and touching, I give this movie a 7.7/10. Good music, some cinematography is good, dialog is fine, directing is fine. Overall not a bad movie ;)

charles s (ru) wrote: cheesy special effects, terrible acting, retarted plot, stupid dialouge, these are all reasons why this movie blows, the first lake placid was OK, but this one just sucks

Sam B (ru) wrote: Very funny. Not as funny as I thought it would be, but still great stuff. A fantastic look at the ups and downs of stand-up. I'd recommend it to fans of Jerry Seinfeld, anyone who likes stand-up comedy, or just anyone in general who likes to laugh.

Matt M (us) wrote: The gang from the popular TV show go to vegas for the wedding of Kelly and Zack. It mostly feels like an overstretched episode of the series, and restricted to fans that are already familiar with the show.

Marti M (es) wrote: Loved both Jim Belushi and Curly

Geoffrey H (mx) wrote: absolutly loved it -

Christopher S (it) wrote: Really lame Chuck Norris actioner. The production values are low and the story bland, even the hokey action scenes aren't original enough to be entertaining on any level. Not even worth watching for camp value.

Johnny L (jp) wrote: An intelligent story with fantastic acting from a young JGL. The plot pulls no punches on complexity, and the neo-noir atmosphere of the mystery gives a romantic feel.

Zac C (au) wrote: So stupid, but can't stop laughing!

Frances H (jp) wrote: Funny dark comedy if you take it the way I think it was intended. But then I have a very strange sense of the ridiculous.

D M (es) wrote: A b/w Bert I Gordon low-budget horror. I think the effects were laughable even in the year it was made. Plot is decent, but maybe not too original. Is he really being haunted, or is he crazy? Then the plot twist and ironic end.

Countess N (es) wrote: Unworthy shitty sequel.