Deadly Dreams

Deadly Dreams

From the director of the highly acclaimed "Body Chemistry," comes a frightening excursion into terror. Alex is caught in a web of distrust between his brother, his best friend, a beautiful stranger and the renewed dreams of the slaughter of his family.

From the director of the highly acclaimed "Body Chemistry," comes a frightening excursion into terror. Alex is caught in a web of distrust between his brother, his best friend, a beautiful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John P (au) wrote: A great movie... this action movie is a good break from the high octane, CGI filled and explosions of big budget Hollywood movies

jen b (gb) wrote: omg can i get my hour and whatever of my life back?! my brain is burnin from all the god talk!! camp hell is right it was fuckin HELL to watch

Divina D (br) wrote: inamaw...way klaro...

John W (au) wrote: There are, surprisingly, some genuinely funny moments that are few and far between. Also, a lot of cock shots which are not.

Samar E (de) wrote: I liked the way they made the Jersey devil look but at same time what was with the teeth haha ..

Alailson B (au) wrote: Jodie Foster e Forest Whitaker muito bem, mas quem brilha, mais uma vez, David Fincher, que confere um belo clima de suspense ao mesmo tempo em que experimenta novas formas de seguir a narrativa.

haris f (au) wrote: [COLOR=Black][SIZE=5][FONT=Arial Black][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=3][FONT=Garamond]In the opening, a mother (Marie Trintignant ) is reading a story about ?The Little Red Ridding Hood? to his son. Suddenly a mysterious figure strangled her with a wire to death, when the boy watch it in horror. The story goes to five young actors; Sophie (Clotilde Courau) and her mute girl friend Jeanne (Alexia Stresi), the blonde hunk Wilfried (Vincent Lecoeur), Matthieu (Clment Sibony) and hir girlfriend Mathilde (Maud Buquet), are hired to perform a stage in a big mansion deep in the woods. The owner of the mansion is an eccentric old man in a wheelchair, Axel de Fersen (Franois Berland), whose live with his autistic grandson, Nicolas (Thibault Truffert) and his weird gate-keeper, Stphane (Denis Lavant). They supposed to make a play about The Little Red Ridding Hood, to commemorate the old man?s grandson birthday. After the awkward introduction to their host, soon their figure out that Axel has a sexual interest to Wilfried. After the sappy show they performs, they are attend the dinner with their host when the boy stab his own hand with fork. Things are getting wicked when they must spend the night in the mansion, because they haven?t pay yet. Sophie find all her find are wandering around the mansion and it seem her girlfriend make a sexual gesture with Wilfried. Before she get more anxious, suddenly a policeman (Michel Muller) came in and warn them about a killer loose within the wood. Despite the warn, they all wandering around in the wood. Split in two groups, Mathilde then left alone by Matthieu and Jeanne, while Sophie is also left by Wilfried. Little dose she know, Wilfried and Jeanne start to making out in the wood. Meanwhile, the upset Mathilde decide to goes back to the mansion and take a shower, and there?s she meet her fate as a shape in a big-bad-wolf outfit kill her. Matthieu find bloods in the bathroom and Mathilde is gone. They start wondering what is happening about, when they also find blood in Axel?s room and he?s missing. They realize their life in danger as Jeanne is shoot with an arrow by the killer. Frantically, the rest of them try to get out the mansion and reveal the mystery; if they want to live, since the place has been sealed up. But, it seem the killer won?t please if they all not turn up dead, because the tension of the game of death is getting increase.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR=Black][SIZE=5][FONT=Arial Black][B]COMMENT[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=3][FONT=Garamond]A gothic, dark, atmospheric yet experimental movie about murder mystery in the vein of slasher flick. An European horror that try to be different is rare and the result is a so-so scary movie, but at least delivers some good scare, despite might not be very adorable among the slasher fans. From the very opening scene, we already know that we facing a different kind of horror movie. In fact it European movie and usually tend to differs from it American counterpart. But despite of that, actually there?s nothing major dissimilarity between Deep in the Wood with many self-referential slasher that came form the United States. The plot is the most common slice-and-dice slasher flick used to be. There?s nothing special with the plot development. Sometimes I feel it just dull or derivative. We even might know who is the killer since the very beginning of the movie, but in cinematic aspect, Deep in the Woods certainly a visual-fest. The scenery is so eye-candy. It?s dark and moody yet beautiful. However, Lionel Delplanque, the director, who shoot this when he?s just 27 years old, made the movie with the heart for scary movie, especially with the atmosphere it have, despite than just make a lot of action. Maybe, because of this some of slasher fans whose look for more blood and gore will dissatisfy, especially with the slow-pace it gain. The killings, somewhat reminiscent of that 70?s or 80?s slasher movies. Not so gory, but still deliver the scare effect. The physically look from the killer also remind of Italian horror movies from that good ol? days. Horror fans whose looking for something different will find it in Deep in the Woods. Even though not overwhelming, Promenons-nous dans les bois a.k.a. Deep in the Woods is a little gem that worth watching, at least once. 2.5/5[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Jordan A (us) wrote: Not the best it is stupid when he goes uber Jason but the otherwise a good movie

Luke J (nl) wrote: The storyline's alright, as a sort of continuation of the first chronicle of NIMH, but the inconsistent moods, poor animation, and cheesy script take away from the grandeur and minimalistic dark story of its predecessor. Whereas in the beginning, Thorn Valley is depicted as a last hope for the intelligent lab rats fighting for survival in a deadly political conflict, the city here is seen as almost Seuss-like, belittling the solemnity upon which it was established. NIMH itself, which we see as a location and the centerpiece of the film, is overvillainized, as it is seen as more of a mad scientist's lab than the National Institute for Mental Health, which was subtle last time, but here viewers lose sight as to what exactly the whole concept is (mind control? Really?). Timmy is seen as a boy trying to live up to his father's reputation, which is portrayed fairly well, but the amount of teen angst that he exhibits is often vomit-inducing. Another component which serves as a benefit and a downfall is the songs: because the original was not a musical (and for good reason), to make this one such is incredibly, almost embarrassingly, inconsistent. However, the songs are pretty dang catchy, so it almost makes up for it. Overall, however, The Secret of NIMH 2 is a plummeting letdown in comparison to the first, but hey, did I mention how catchy the songs are?

Alex S (us) wrote: sweet, pretty, delightful and a little meaningful too. miranda has an indescribable attraction to her.

Nannette C (nl) wrote: I love this movie and all the can it be so underrated? Best of all it has a happy ending.

Muhammad K (au) wrote: I was expecting this movie to be great , but it was quite the opposite .

Brett B (nl) wrote: Powell and Loy are in top form, and their sophisticated repartee is as razor-sharp as it was in the first film, but the central mystery presented here is not as compelling as the original, despite the presence of Stewart in an uncharacteristic early role.

Anders A (ag) wrote: Great piece of artistic vampyristic love. Dreamy and gloomy.