Deadly Encounter

Deadly Encounter

A veteran pilot finds himself knee-deep in trouble when his ex-girlfriend shows up at his doorstep in a terrible state. She knows the whereabouts of an immense fortune, and the Mafia is hot on her trail.

A veteran pilot finds himself knee-deep in trouble when his ex-girlfriend shows up at his doorstep in a terrible state. She knows the whereabouts of an immense fortune, and the Mafia is hot on her trail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (de) wrote: Kinda Cool, Katie Cassidy Mmm, Based On A Graphic Novel....

Asif K (gb) wrote: The first time Ajay saw Pia, she served him drinks. She affected him more than the alcohol, and he found true love. He was a leading psychiatrist, but she messed up his mind. The first time Pia saw Ajay, he had had too much to drink. She watched him make a fool of himself, and was relieved when he passed out. She was a woman who followed her heart, but despite his claims of true love, she had made up her mind. Thus began the story of Ajay and Pia.i have seen it i know, haven't rated it. i remember loving it just for the mindblowing performance of my favorite Kajol and all the melodrama in it. first half was dumb though. i smelled THE NOTEBOOK here, the story he tells is different but the basic idea kind of collides with that but nevertheless good debut as a director for Ajay. music was superb.

Claire T (au) wrote: great film but not as good as the first film, I think this film had an hidden message in one of the stories in the film, where a dog was telling a story about he was bought for a christmas gift for a boy but the boy wasn't interested and they abandoned him at the side of the road and I thought the hidden message was saying a dog is for life not just that christmas

Andrew L (de) wrote: This isn't a bad movie per say. It's not a typical movie either. It's weird. It's a drama about a man going through some really hard times. You think it's going somewhere, then all of a sudden it ends and I'm like, "WHAT THE HECK!?!??!". The reason you would ever want to see this movie is to watch Robin Williams brilliant acting which he does an amazing job.

Colin G (jp) wrote: Cowboys and dinosaurs. What else could you want from a movie?

Parker M (us) wrote: 2 Stars out of 4 For some, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is a movie Orson Welles wished he could have made but wasn't damn good enough. I'm serious. Director John Waters (A Dirty Shame) called Faster, Pussycat "the best damn movie ever made. It is possibly better than any film that will be made in the future." I scoff at this but - in its own right - Faster, Pussycat could be a howlingly good time maybe 45 years ago, when it first released. Now it's sort of dated, less a cartoonish exploitation and more a poorly made oldie that once was. Now films from 1966 to 1906 can be timeless, but Faster, Pussycat seems only respectable if you love a Porsche 356 C and perhaps the film's title. It is catchy. It's classic camp, but that's like saying tasty garbage. I read a review from a critic who liked this film and he was fair: "Needless to say, a movie [Faster, Pussycat] like this can not be made without sports cars." True enough. The protagonists are three go-go dancers: Billie (Lori Williams), Rosie (Haji), and their leader, Varla (Tura Satana). Varla helps Faster, Pussycat turn on its axis but only for a few spins. We first see these dancers twist, display, and sway their bodies with finesse as ogling men drooping over their gyrating. Director Russ Meyer (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) fragments the pattern of shots by showing a facial gesture from one angle and the go-go dancer's body from another, incongruent angle. Reminded me of Dryer, but more bitchin'. The dancers thrill-seek. They head to the desert where they encounter a happy-go-lucky couple taking their sports car for a cruise. As sensical people do, the go-go dancers impose they race, and they do. This results in Varla killing the boyfriend (Ray Barlow), a jarring plot twist, and invigorating a more chaotic journey of survival and racing. Expect lots and lots of cars. Yes, the greatest character in Faster, Pussycat are the cars. They are mean, agile, aggressive, and objectified by Meyer through tight closeups of their bender, engine, and wheels as if to grotesque the image. The women are even crueller but more a part of the background. Varla aptly plays the ruthless go-go girl who gets her kicks at karate instead of dancing. Billie turns up the promiscuity, constantly twisting her sensual body and snapping it towards any man who looks her way. And Rosie, who knows, she is just too quiet, undefined, and morose for the film's own good. The plot carries forward with the go-go dancers escorting the girlfriend to a decrepit ranch run by a vegetable father (Dennis Busch), his dimwitted son, and effeminate yet muscular caregiver. Meyer has fun all the same with the clichs of drive-in characters, and - oddly - he spares the nudity this time which is peculiar for Meyer (he was the breast auteur!). Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! has its pleasures. I hear it's a satire and if indeed, so is The Fast and The Furious. To me, this movie is inconsequential, empty, and too much of a lark with a short fuse. Eventually the story becomes tiring, the characters - sometimes literally - spin their wheels, and then the ending divests of us a great character creating a pseudo-happy ending. So in the end, I support that critic that this film is nothing without its cars. Call it carsploitation, vehicular masturbation, or Tin Lizzie trash Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is about taking a story for a spin, while tediously in reverse.

Sue S (es) wrote: It was pretty good, no doubt I did enjoy it.

Ian M (gb) wrote: Distinctly average horror fare... The doll is ugly & creepy. The cult twist is a bit questionable. Personally nothing is gonna rival Chucky. Viewable, but not one you'd pick up again.

Dann M (us) wrote: Hart's War is a brilliantly crafted World War II drama that's thrilling and powerful. The film follows the story of a German stalag where the American POWs hold a court-martial after there's a murder of a fellow soldier; however, during the course of events defense council Lt. Hart starts to suspect that there's more going on than a simple trail and that there's a great game being played between the German commander and the American POW leader. The cast is led by Bruce Willis, Colin Ferrell, and Terrence Howard, who all give strong performances. Additionally, the directing is especially good, particularly in creating intense and suspenseful scenes that are enthralling. Composer Rachel Portman also provides a moving and powerful score. Compelling and thought-provoking, Hart's War examines the character of men in the most trying of times.

Alfred K (kr) wrote: This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The concept was interesting until the film started. I thought it was a regular film so I tilted when I realized that this is a straight-up Jesus movie and they hope that you convert. Suing the Devil is only for Christian fanatics so don't watch it unless you're one of them.Also, being $12,000 in credit card debt is not a sin (see trailer). It's just irresponsible and these film makers.