Deadly Family Secrets

Deadly Family Secrets

A woman returns to her Texas home town after a 15 year absence and witness a man killed. She then discovers that the killer may have a connection to her.

A woman returns to her Texas home town after a 15 year absence and witness a man killed. She then discovers that the killer may have a connection to her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mardy B (mx) wrote: Movie was lost in what it was trying to portray. I found it a bit boring and I couldn't connect with either of the characters. 1 1/2 stars because the main point of the film was divided, but it had great acting from all of them, great cinematography, and good soundtrack though.

Chucky (mx) wrote: February 6th 2012August 7th 2014May 17th 2016

Dave R (nl) wrote: It was ok movie little funny

Julian A (fr) wrote: So glad I ran into this Australian film. Off-kilter, funny, painfully embarrassing at times, this isn't the typical coming-of-age movie.

Pawel B (kr) wrote: Insight into Soviet reality of the 60's

Chrystal D (de) wrote: never watched it but thats my name lol!!!

bill s (us) wrote: Zahn and Black are a riot and the movie has no down time in this surprising little comedy

Morten S (de) wrote: Fint lille "old school"-gys, fra de glade 80'ere. Lavet for et formentligt ikke-eksisterende budget, og faar meget ud af lidt. Bruger ca. 3 min. paa at saette plottet op, og saa koerer det bare derfra. Ikke helt uhyggelig nok til at vaere topklasse, men har nogle habile sekvenser - og saa maa jeg erkende at filmens scarecrows ser temmelig ubehagelige ud.

Jason P (nl) wrote: Ray Winstone fronts a punk band with members of The Sex Pistols and The Clash, but is upstaged by all-girl support band featuring Laura Dern and Diane Lane. Unfairly obscure - it's another one of those movies Paramount financed then tried to bury - but it does have one of the most ludicrous rise-and-fall plot-lines in cinema history!

Alex r (es) wrote: I'm a sucker for cheesy exploitation films such as this. I Drink Your Blood maybe a bad film in terms of cinematic merit, but in terms of drive-in horror it is a flawless treat that will appeal to the most demented horror fans. I Drink Your Blood is a memorable horror film. There are no real good performances, and I Drink Your Blood is designed to shock and disturb and it most certainly does that. The film is pure 70's sleaze and it is very entertaining, despite the fact that it's imperfect. I thought that the film was great because of such aspects. I Drink Your Blood has been described as a crappier version of Romero's classic, Night of the Living Dead. The film succeeds at being a great Grindhouse exploitation horror flick, and fans of such films should check this one out; you won't be disappointed. I Drink Your Blood is a must see horror film, and frankly even if it's trash cinema, it's trash cinema at its very best. This was the first film to garner the dreaded X rating. I Drink Your Blood is a terrifying, crazy film. The films premise may be silly, but the end result is a memorable forgotten trashy gem of early 70's exploitation cinema. If you love these types of films check it out, and let the mayhem begin.

Matthew P (es) wrote: 14%, doesn't surprise me on Rotten Tomatoes, seems ratings here are based on who directed and produced it.. Are they new to the scene? Well it must be a bad movie and every 'critic' follows suit, plays it safe to protect their rep. But if its directed by Spielberg, even it it technically is a rubbish film like Lincoln, it gets rave reviews and attracts Oscar buzz. What a bloody joke.This film is actually well directed, the story is very solid (as opposed to having no story like Lincoln), action sequences are great, costumes are detailed and the characters are believable. What more could you want? A famous director perhaps, who's past his prime?

Mirkku S (jp) wrote: I love this movie! The story can be a bit cliche, but I think this film is beautiful and I never got tired of it. A very good example of a great fantasy movie!

Sam B (ru) wrote: I thought the doc as a whole was pretty amateurish and I was more fascinated by Harold Smith, the eye patch wearing and constantly changing face bandages art theft detective. Which is a shame since the story behind the documentary is so much more interesting.01.16.0911th Film of 2009

Joetaeb D (it) wrote: Destroyed by a lazy script, flat performances and terribly cheap and lazy special effects/production design, The legend of Hercules fails at both a mediocre legend and a so bad it's good B movie. It's just so terrible it's not even funny.

Bruce B (us) wrote: What?s going on, why have I run into a run of loser films, that?s exactly what this is a loser film, 4 students are running around the jungles of PaPa New Guinea looking for David Rockefeller, and its one of those someone is carrying the camera films, I wanted to turn it off so many times, only flixster kept me going 1/2 a star. Can You Say LOSER

Whit w (it) wrote: Yes, it's true. "It!" has got to be one of the main influences of Ridley Scott's "Alien". An alien from Mars sneaks into a spaceship and starts killing the crew. There were some effective scares and the use of levels within the spacecraft gives off an impending sense of doom when the beast is trying to move upstairs to attack. The effects are marginal and the monster costume is a clumsy creation. But it's a big rugged, vicious thing and that sells the whole concept to me. The acting is pretty good and overall its slightly above the standard fare offered in '50s Sci-Fi.

Clay B (jp) wrote: KAMA SUTRA: A TALE OF LOVE (1996)