Deadly Honeymoon

Deadly Honeymoon

Handsome silver spoon Texan Trevor Forrest can't always control his tendencies to flirt and gamble, even on honeymoon cruise to Tahiti with Lindsey Ross Forrest, which may compromise their business ambitions. The ship captain asks FBI agent Gwen Merced, on cruise, to investigate discretely when Trevor goes missing, probably fallen or pushed overboard as blood traces are found. It's unclear whether the Hungarian business trio Luka, Max and Ben are innocent flirtatious gamblers like Trevor or criminals, but others have hidden agendas too.

A couple marries in Hawaii, and embarks on a honeymoon cruise where things go terribly wrong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoffrey T (us) wrote: I think there's a great character study in this movie somewhere, but it's not always evident. It shows up in small doses, or has slight indications that it will be taking that direction, but it never really gets there. The good news is that Michael Douglas is fantastic playing this douchebag of a main character. You constantly ask yourself when this man will change, when he will realize the errors of his ways, but it's up in the air whether that actually happens or not. As with many independent character dramas, this one leaves you a little cold. It's a showcase of exemplary acting and some interesting events, but it never really grips you. It jumps between too many themes and never lets you fully penetrate this character's psyche. Instead, you're left to watch him jump between unfortunate events, trying to fabricate your own interpretations without stretching it.

Chris W (ag) wrote: This really had the potential to be something quite special. Unfortunately is come up short, and I was left with a feeling that something was missing.I'll go ahead and admit though that my rating is inflated by an extra half-star, if only for the fact that the musicians here (especially 2 out of the 3) have had a major impact on me personally.What we get is a celebration of the electric guitar by just three players, all of whom, have proven seminal practitioners from their individual generations. I understand that it would be hard to choose three people for this sort of thing, but I'm mostly okay with the selections of Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page. I think it would have been cool had they included someone such as Tom Morello, though, as his story and impact are just as important. Maybe they should have done what they did with The Other F Word, and have the primary focus be on one person, but with heavy amounts of input from several others. Instead we get a look at how the backgrounds, influences, and experiences of each man affect their crafts and creative processes, all of which culminate in a meeting of the three where they jam and chill with one another. Oddly enough, it's the meeting of the three where the film is at its weakest. None feel all that ease with one another, things are pretty awkward, and there's a missed opportunity to really ask some probing and revealing questions. At times it is neat, but ultimately its very underwhelming.The individual moments with each of them are all pretty good though, and I loved the various techniques used to bring their stories to life, especially the animated stuff.All in all, this is passable, but unfortunately not what it should have been.

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Paul M (kr) wrote: Disturbingly weird. I want to own this movie!

Luke B (jp) wrote: Immediately one of the greatest films I have ever seen. I feel so privileged that I was able to see this film on the big screen. It starts with the wonderful Richard Attenborough being a sick little puppy. Set during the war, in a policeman's unifrom, offering medical help to a young woman. Attenborough is everything that someone should trust. A calm English man that offers you tea. Next, he's murdering the woman with gas, and not a hint of remorse. The film jumps forward 5 years, and introduces a tragic couple. They are about to have a baby, but cannot afford one. This sparks Attenborough's killing side, and he offers to perform an abortion. The film becomes a tense and depressing thriller that outlines the problems with capital punishment. It's sad as it's a battle of wits, but one of the protagonists has no wits to battle with. Attenborough is one of the most chilling and disturbing villains I've ever seen. The claustrophobic setting, the invasion of someones life, and the heartless deception, are just some of the great things about this movie. As it finished on a freeze frame we hear heavy breathing, next the credits scroll silently. Everyone in the cinema stood up in silence as though they had just been punched and winded. This film had more dread and a bigger impact than any I can recall.

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 76%"Fuck your lucky charms!"-Sophie BennettWarwick, I miss you."That's why they call it the woods, babe, lions, tigers and chickens and shit."-David (Brendan Fletcher)

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